Standing Committees

Executive Committee

Committe Chair: CSA President (


  • CSA President
  • CSA VP Student Experience
  • CSA VP Academic
  • CSA VP External

Additional Information: See CSA Board meeting agendas for Executive Committee minutes.

See CSA Bylaw 1, Section 5.3.for the Terms of Reference for the Executive Committee.

See Executive portfolios for more information on CSA Executive.

Finance Committee

Chair: CSA President (

See CSA Policy Manual, Appendix D, Section 6.0 for more details.

Terms of Reference: The Finance Committee is responsible for monitoring the CSA's finances and providing input into the budgeting process.


  • To ensure that the vision and expectations set out in the approved operating budget of the current year are upheld by those parties whose budget that it pertains to.
  • To provide additional insight from the Board of Directors about the finances of the CSA when developing the operational budget for the following year.
  • To provide input in to the budgetary process before it is presented to the Board of Directors.
  • To be the hearing committee in cases where there should be a budget surplus, budget deficit, or where a party wishes to exceed the amount of dollars set out in their approved operating budget.

Membership: Six Members. Members will be appointed by the second Board meeting in the Summer semester for a term no later than April 30 of the following year.

  • CSA President
  • CSA VP Student Experience
  • Three members of the CSA Board of Directors
  • CSA Business Manager.

Petitions, Delegations, & Representations (PDR) Committee —

Chair: CSA President (

See CSA Policy Manual, Appendix D, Section 7.0 for more details.


  • To hear, deliberate on, and make decisions regarding PDR requests.

Membership: Maximum of six members, including the following. Remaining seats may be filled by up to two members of the CSA Board of Directors.

  • CSA President
  • One CSA Board rep (At-Large or College)
  • One CSA Board rep (Student Organization)
  • One Additional Executive member

Policy and Bylaw Review Committee (PBRC)

Chair: Policy & Transition Manager (

See CSA Policy Manual, Appendix D, Section 8.0 for more details.


  • To solicit input from members of the CSA and/or CSA Board of Directors relating to the CSA Bylaws and Policies.
  • To develop draft bylaws and policies on such input for the CSA Board of Directors to accept, reject or refer back to PBRC with further recommendations;
  • To regularly review existing CSA Bylaws and Policies to ensure relevance; and to conduct review upon the direction of the CSA Board of Directors;
  • To review when appropriate CSA Standing Resolutions to ensure relevance and application to undergraduate students at the University of Guelph;
  • To make spelling, grammar and article numbering changes to the CSA Bylaws and Policies as necessary.

Membership: Any member of the CSA and / or member of the CSA Board of Directors may be a member of the committee. Interested members must contact the Policy and Transition Manager, who will add them on the mailing list for the committee. Interested members will be ratified as an official committee member at the second consecutive meeting that they attend. Members will be ratified on a semester basis

Minutes: Click here for recent committee minutes.

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