Referendum Questions are Your Rights! Presenting and voting on referendum questions is one way that CSA members can be involved with democratic decision-making at the CSA. 

Fall 2021 Bus Pass Referendum Question

The CSA is holding a Bus Pass referendum during the Fall 2021 By-Election. Voting will occur during the week of October 4 - October 8. A copy of the approved question is provided below as a pdf. Here is a summary of the question:

Do you support a Universal Bus Pass fee for all University of Guelph, main campus, full-time and part-time, undergraduate and graduate students, effective January 1, 2022, with the following terms?

  • Priced at $151 per each Fall, Winter and Summer semester, with an annual price increase of no more than 2% per academic year.
  • The City of Guelph commits to hold the fee increase at 2% or less for the next 5 years.
  • The contract term is indefinite unless the annual increase exceeds 2%, at which time another referendum must be held.

YES         NO

What is a Referendum Question?  

A referendum is a question that is voted on during a General or By-Election by CSA members. It may result in the adoption of a new policy or fee increase. 

Information on the rules for Referendum Campaigns and/or to register a referendum team is available here. The CSA Elections Office accepts referendum questions during the Fall Semester.

Referendum teams may begin petitioning for signatures only when they have received final approval from the CSA's Standing Referendum Committee. The referendum team must have the Referendum Signature Form, complete with 2,500 signatures from the applicable membership, verified by the Elections Office, for final ratification by the CSA Board of Directors. Following this, there will be a campaign period that coincides with the CSA elections campaigning period, with the same final days being the online voting period via Gryph Mail.

How Do I Submit a Referendum Question?

Submit your preliminary referendum question to the Chief Returning Officer via email:  The preliminary question will be brought to the Standing Referendum Committee (SRC) for approval. Following approval, you will be asked to complete a form and receive the applicable signatures.

2021 - 2022 Referendum Timeline 

Please note that the following timeline is DRAFT only and subject to CSA Board of Directors approval. 


Key Date 

  Deadline to submit Referendum Questions 

  Friday, Dec 3, 2021 (by 12:00 pm) 
  (last day of classes)

  Ratification of Referendum Questions 


  Signature Forms due 


  All-Candidates Meeting   



  Feb 7, 2022 to Feb 11, 2022   


  Feb 14, 2022 to Feb 18, 2022 

Winter 2021 Health Plan Referendum Question 

During the Winter 2021 General Election, a referendum question regarding your Universal Health Plan was conducted.

Voting results can be found on this page and a copy of the referendum question is attached below as a pdf for your reference.

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