Bylaws, Policies & Rules of Order

CSA Bylaws

CSA Bylaws are documents that define the primary characteristics of the Central Student Association and prescribe how it functions.  Bylaws are basic rules established by the CSA to regulate itself, manage its affairs and govern the actions of its members.  Bylaws are considered so important that they cannot be changed without previous notice to the members and without a specified majority, eg. two-thirds.

CSA Policies 

Policies are guidelines and principles formulated or adopted by the CSA to meet its long-term goals.  They are a set of ideas or plans of the actions required in particular situations that have been agreed to by the CSA Board.  Policies assist the Board in making decisions.

CSA Rules of Order

Rules of Order provide the basic rules for a meeting to take place.  When used in conjunction with Robert's Rules of Order, the CSA Rules of Order ensure that Board and committee meetings function efficiently and effectively.

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