Education For All

About Campaign

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated students’ financial hardships caused by high tuition fees and mounting student debt. The Education For All campaign seeks to build a better understanding of how post-secondary education is funded and highlight the ways in which chronic government under-funding has harmed the quality, accessibility and affordability of education through program cuts, increased precarious work, the privatization of campus resources and an increasing reliance on tuition fees as a source of revenue, mainly from international students.

Campaign Demands

→ For more information on campaign demands, click here to download & read our Lobby Document (PDF).

Ontario Demands:

  • Immediately reduce tuition fees for the 2020/2021 academic year.
  • Provide more grants, not loans.
  • Increase public funding to gradually eliminate tuition fees for all students.

Federal Demands:

  • The progressive reduction and elimination of tuition fees for all students within a new tuition fee framework.
  • The conversion of student loans into non- repayable grants.
  • The removal of interest on outstanding student loans and an end to the chargers on future loans.

Get Involved

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