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  Service Updates

CSA Clubs is currently operating remotely and will be offering virtual office hours for F21!

The CSA Clubs office is home to 100+ clubs on campus. If you want to get involved and make friends with other students who have the same interests, then check out the wide range of clubs accredited through the CSA. These clubs’ mandates range from cultural, political, religious, athletic, social, or just for fun – there’s something for everyone!

Contact & Office Hours

The Clubs office is currently closed to in-person appointments and will be hosting virtual hours via Microsoft Teams starting September 13, 2021.

Clubs Administrative Coordinator — Alex Charette (he / him)

Clubs Programming Coordinator — Shaima Alam (she / her)

Please Note: Coordinator emails are not monitored during the summer; please refer any inquiries to csavpexperience@uoguelph.ca.

Academic Clubs

Most college governments coordinate clubs that are related to academics studied in their college.  For example, the College of Physical and Engineering Science Student Council coordinates the Astronomy Club, while the Central Veterinary Students Association coordinates the Equine Club. For college-affiliated clubs, visit your college website (listed below) or check out GryphLife for a central platform of all clubs and organizations accredited on campus 

College Websites

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