CSA is the home to over 100 clubs on campus!

Joining a Club

Finding something to do after classes is made easy with the wide range of clubs accredited through the CSA. There is a huge variety of clubs that are constantly recruiting new members. These clubs mandates range from cultural, political, religious, or just plain fun; There is something for everyone!

Most college governments coordinate clubs that are related to academics studied in their college.  For example, the College of Physical and Engineering Science Student Council coordinates the Astronomy Club, while the Central Veterinary Students Association coordinates the Equine Club. For college-affiliated clubs, visit your college website (listed below) or check out GryphLife for a central platform of all clubs and organizations accredited on campus  Central Veterinary Students Association Clubs

College Websites

Clubs Resources

  1. CSA Clubs Official Contact List (Updated Nov 2017)
  2. Forming a New Club: Step by Step Guide
  3. Clubs Accreditation Information Page
  4. Clubs Days Information Page
  5. How to use GryphLife
  6. Student Organization Policy (SOP)

For the following resources, scroll down to the section titled “File Attachments”

  • CSA Clubs Meeting Room Schedule - Fall 2017
  • Clubs Handbook (Appendix G - CSA Policy Manual)
  • CSA Clubs Room Booking Form
  • CSA Clubs Locker Request Form
  • Access to Garage Form
  • CSA Clubs General Meeting Presentation 2017

For the following resources, scroll down to “File Attachments”

  • Clubs Accreditation List
  • Sample Clubs Membership List
  • Sample Clubs Constitution
  • Sample Clubs Budget
  • External Banking Account Information Form

Contact Us

CSA Clubs Office

  • University Centre Room 245 (green door)

Clubs Administrative Coordinator

Roy Rebelo

For accreditation questions or general club inquiries

  • Email:
  • Fall Office Hours:
  • Mondays 2:30-5:30pm 
  • Thursdays 4:30-6pm 
  • Fridays 1-4pm

Clubs Programming Coordinator

Lindsay Williams

For SRM event questions, general club inquiries, or to book space in the CSA Clubs Hallway!

  • Email:
  • Fall Office Hours:
  • Mondays: 10-11:30am 
  • Tuesdays: 10-11:30am​
  • Wednesdays:  10-11:30am​
  • Thursdays:  10-11:30am​​
  • Fridays: 10-11:30am​