How to Run

Interested in running for an Executive or Director position on the CSA Board of Directors, but not sure how to get started?

No problem...just let the Chief Returning Officer (CRO) know which College you would like to represent at

Once notified, the CRO will send you a nominations package. The package will walk you through the following process:

  • Signing the Director Nominee Declaration Form 
  • Securing 10 x Nominator signatures supporting your candidacy using a prescribed Microsoft Form. 
  • Signing the Director Candidate Commitment Form 
  • Completing the Declaration of Extra-Curricular Activity 
  • Providing a brief statement (maximum 150 words) about yourself and your reasons for seeking election. 
  • Providing an election promotion photo of yourself to be used on the CSA elections promotions.

Your Nomination Package must be electronically submitted to no later than 4:00 pm on Friday, September 17, 2021. 

Electronic Signatures

Signatures are required at various stages in your nomination plackage.

Nominator Signatures
Signatures are gathered from your nominators using a Microsoft Form that is provided by the Cheif Returning Officer (CRO) when you request your package. 

Candidate Signatures
Candidate signatures are required in several of the documents you submit with your nomination package. You must use the Adobe Reader app to sign these documents in the fillable pdfs - do not sign the pdfs in your browser! 

Check out this video on How to Sign a pdf Using Adobe Reader (video) (you mist be signed into your UoG account in order to access the video). Even though the video demonstrates how to sign a Director commitment form, the process is exactly the same for your nominations package documents. 

  1. Download Adobe Reader (for free!)
  2. Open your browser and sign into your UoG student account.
  3. Follow the steps in the video above.

Questions? Email the Cheif Returning Officer (CRO):

Thank you for representing your college and helping to make the CSA Elections a success! Good luck!

Available Director Positions Fall 2021 By-Election

  • 1 x At-Large representative from the College of Arts
  • 2 x At-Large representatives from the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
  • 2 x At-Large representatives from the Ontario Agricultural College
  • 2 x At-Large representatives from the Ontario Veterinary College

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