About the CSA

The Central Student Association is your undergraduate student voice on campus and is a semi-autonomous, not-for-profit organization. We advocate for and represent your collective interests, bringing the student voice to decision-makers on campus and in our community. We also provide a number of programs and services to enhance your student experience and save you money. The Association consists of an elected Executive, a Board of Directors, permanent and student staff, and volunteers.

Our Mandate

The CSA is run by students for students. We:

  • Represent and amplify the voice of undergraduate students at the University of Guelph, particularly to decision makers;
  • Provide practical services that improve students’ lives and save them money;
  • Contribute to a positive atmosphere of acceptance, inclusion, belonging and safety on campus;
  • Support students to organize around issues they care about, including through clubs and campaigns;
  • Organize events that make university life even more fun;
  • Create rewarding employment and volunteer opportunities for students as a result of being a student-run organization; and
  • Serve as a central coordinating body for undergraduate student association representatives.

Our Indicators of Success

The CSA knows it is doing a great job when:

  • Students want to engage with the CSA. They know what the CSA does and are to be involved;
  • Executive members represent students accurately and confidently, based on knowledge of what students want that comes from having consulted meaningfully with them;
  • The CSA provides services that students use;
  • Advocacy on students’ behalf is effective in achieving its goals; and
  • The CSA has structures and active processes in place to ensure accountability.

Our Approach

The CSA is committed to:

  • Proactive engagement with students;
  • Representing all students accurately and effectively;
  • Staying relevant and valuable to students;
  • Excelling at communication;
  • Behaving in a constructive and professional manner;
  • Paying attention to the unique history and culture of this university;
  • Modelling organizational excellence, including unified leadership and trusted financial management; and
  • Promoting acceptance, inclusion, safety and a sense of belonging at the University of Guelph.

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Tuesday, July 26th, 2022 12:53 PM