Issues-Based Resolutions

This page highlights CSA Board of Director resolutions generally consisting of policy that the CSA takes a stance on. It is policy that either opposes, supports and/or condones, but not limited to, actions that the Union or a third-party carries out. An example of such policy is taking a stance on international, national and domestic issues, such as tuition fees.

This archive has been established to meet Bylaw 4 - Policy of the CSA, Subsection 1.1.2, b), and the following resolutions are archived for a period of three years.

Resolutions are presented below within the academic year they were passed, and under the corresponding date that the CSA Board of Directors approved it.



March 24, 2021

Motion to Write a Statement Against Anti-Asian Racism
WHEREAS on March 16th, 2021, 8 individuals were fatally attacked in Atlanta, Georgia;
WHEREAS 6 of those 8 individuals fatally attacked were Asian women, and this attack was racially motivated;
WHEREAS anti-Asian attacks and xenophobic acts of violence has increased drastically over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic;
WHEREAS CSA operates under an anti-oppressive mandate that aims to cultivate a learning environment that is safe and equitable for all; and
WHEREAS our students, particularly our Asian students, have been deeply impacted by these events, along with the ongoing xenophobia and anti-Asian racism we see in our communities.
RESOLVED that the CSA write a statement against anti-Asian racism and xenophobia while also working alongside the Asian student groups at UofG to provide support to those impacted.

Guelph Police Safe Sticker Response Resolution
WHEREAS the CSA operates under an anti-oppressive framework intended to support all students but with an acknowledgement that specific communities require dedicated attention and additional support including but not limited to LGBTQIA2S+ folks, indigenous peoples, visibly racialized peoples, disabled folks, and those experiencing financial hardship;
WHEREAS the University of Guelph and its students represents a significant population of our wider Guelph community;
WHEREAS the Guelph Police Service has created a program meant to speak to the needs of marginalized people without consultation with, and then despite resistance by, respected community organizations consisting of such marginalized folks;
WHEREAS it has been determined by respected community organizations and businesses that the Guelph Police Service's new program serves only to justify increased police presence in the downtown core;
WHEREAS increased visible police presence has shown to deter marginalized folks from utilizing public spaces and increasing anxiety and fear of police violence, harassment, and false arrests for marginalized populations; and
WHEREAS Guelph community organizations, businesses, and individuals have been meeting to create a response document that is soon to be released publicly that reflects the frustration with the Guelph Police Service's new program, both in it's policy and in its creation without proper consultation.
MOTION to create a collective response document in consultation and solidarity with special status groups on campus to the Guelph Police Service's "Safe Place" sticker program.

February 10, 2021

Support Farmers in India
WHEREAS the Indian government passed three agricultural bills in September that favour corporations and threaten the livelihoods of farmers;
WHEREAS farmers across Indian have been protesting these bills throughout the past several months;
WHEREAS this movement is the largest protest in the world with millions marching in solidarity;
WHEREAS farm protestors are being met with violence, tear gas, and police brutality;
WHEREAS media has been blocked and internet has been cut off by the government in attempt to hide the human rights violations taking place;
WHEREAS the CSA and the Indian Students Association would like to educate UofG students and garner support for protesting farmers; and
WHEREAS the CSA and the Indian Students Association have written a joint solidarity statement.
RESOLVED that the CSA work alongside the Indian Students Association to raise awareness around this issue and to release the following solidarity statement to show our support.

January 27, 2021

CSA COVID-19 Statement Regarding Campus Outbreak
RESOLVED that the CSA Executive Committee release a statement on the University of Guelph COVID-19 outbreak that speaks to the impact that the actions of those involved have on our community and undergraduate students, guiding the Executive’s discussions with media and the University of Guelph.

CSA Health Plan Referendum Campaign
WHEREAS the CSA Board of Directors ratified a referendum question brought forward by the CSA/GSA Health & Dental Plan Committee regarding the Universal Health Plan;
WHEREAS the current Universal Health Plan is set at a fee of $140 per year and has the potential to increase by the Consumer Price Index annually (e.g. 2.1% in 2020-2021);
WHEREAS the proposed plan with an opt-out option would be set at a fee of $186 and has the potential to increase by a maximum of 4% annually;
WHEREAS Bylaw 1 - Organizational, Section 1.2.1.c) states that we offer members services to save money like health and dental plans, affordable bus passes, and more;
WHEREAS the Executive Committee recognizes that 81% of undergraduate students decided not to opt-out of the dental plan in the 2020-2021 academic year, indicating similar patterns may occur if an opt-out option was introduced for the health plan; and
WHEREAS the CSA has a responsibility to make an informed endorsement prior to asking students to decide on the referendum question.
a) the CSA campaign against the proposed health plan with an opt-out option and represent the No Referendum Team; and
b) the CSA ensures that students receive information on both plans, so CSA Members can make an informed choice, in a manner that is inclusive and does not contribute to divisiveness.

January 13, 2021

Online Assessment Call to Action
WHEREAS the covid pandemic has necessitated the cessation of traditional in-person testing and examinations;
WHEREAS automated proctoring software similar to what the University has adopted since the onset of the pandemic has since been described as ineffective spyware by leading computer scientists [1];
WHEREAS leading academic institutions across North America have banned the use of automated proctoring software in favour of fairer and more accurate student assessment methods [2];
WHEREAS 4,900 University of Guelph students have signed a petition to “End the use of LockDown Browsers” at the University of Guelph [3];
WHEREAS the CSA conducted a survey of University of Guelph undergraduate students showing that automated proctoring software (sometimes referred to as remote invigilation tools), such as Respondus, perpetuate racial bias towards people of colour by inaccurately identifying potential academic misconduct committed by such individuals at almost twice the rate of students who identified as white [4];
WHEREAS that same survey indicated that using lockdown browsers to conduct assessments was the least favoured method by students, and alternatives such as live proctoring through video conferencing software, open book tests, take-home exams, and final assignments were more favoured by the survey’s respondents;
WHEREAS various automated proctoring software solution have numerous privacy concerns associated with them;
WHEREAS groups on campus have brought these concerns to the attention of the University of Guelph administration on numerous occasions since March 2020 [5]; and
WHEREAS it has been over nine months since the beginning of the pandemic and the University of Guelph has yet to develop a cohesive strategy to deal with these issues.
RESOLVED that the CSA:
a) Condemn the University of Guelph’s apparent absence of urgency in developing alternatives to automated proctoring software.
b) Calls on the University of Guelph to consult with students and faculty on developing alternative assessment methods.
c) Calls on the University of Guelph to limit the weight of a student’s final grade assessed via automated proctoring software to no more than 15 percent.
d) Encourages the University of Guelph to reallocate financial resources to facilitate the transition away from using automated proctoring software, such as Respondus, and reimagine how assessments can be conducted to most fairly and accurately assess students’ knowledge and ability, both now and in the post-pandemic academic environment.
e) Executives continue to advocate on behalf of students to ensure that they their course work is fairly and accurately assessed.

November 25, 2020

Statement in Solidarity with Land Defenders Across Turtle Island
WHEREAS Indigenous communities across Turtle Island made a national solidarity call-out last week, asking Canadians to join land defenders who are on the frontline fighting for Indigenous sovereignty;
WHEREAS this week of action is being called for by front line Indigenous and land defenders, including Gidemt’en Checkpoint, Tiny House Warriors, 1492 Land Back Lane, Kanienkehaka Land Back Camp, Mi’kmaq 1752 frontline, and Protect the Inlet;
WHEREAS the Wet’suwet’en are defending their unceded territory from the CGL pipeline;
WHEREAS the Mi’kma’ki are facing racial violence for exercising their treaty rights;
WHEREAS the Haudenosaunee at Six Nations are defending their territory from housing developers;
WHEREAS the Algonquin are asking for a Moratorium on sport hunting, because moose on their territory are being hunted towards extinction;
WHEREAS the Kanehsatake are defending their territory from an archeological dig by the Oka municipality;
WHEREAS the Secwepemc are defending their territory from the TMX pipeline; and
WHEREAS 61 Indigenous communities do not have clean drinking water.
RESOLVED that the CSA work alongside the Indigenous Student Society (ISS) to respond to this call to action and host a fundraising initiative to provide financial support to these communities.

November 11, 2020

Endorsement of the Future Majority Initiative.
MOTION: To work alongside and support Future Majority initiatives and campaigns and to write a letter to Lloyd Longfield endorsing and advocating for a Green and Just Recovery.
WHEREAS Future Majority is a Canadian non-partisan, non-profit organization that was founded by young Canadians to amplify the concerns of young Canadians;
WHEREAS Future Majority is running a campaign to advocate for a Green and Just Recovery post COVID-19 pandemic;
WHEREAS Future Majority defines a Green and Just Recovery as: ‘Climate action and low-carbon economy; universal mental healthcare; more jobs, better pay; racial justice and equity; and accessible university education’; and
WHEREAS the values of Future Majority are in line with those of the CSA.
a) the CSA work alongside and support Future Majority initiatives and campaigns.
b) the CSA write a letter to Lloyd Longfield (Member of Parliament, Guelph, ON) endorsing and advocating for a Green and Just Recovery.

October 28, 2020

CSA Public Statement in Solidarity with Protesters against the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS)
AMENDED MOTION: To ensure that the CSA write a public statement in solidarity with protesters against the Special-Anti Robbery Squad (SARS)
WHEREAS the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) is a specialized police unit in Nigeria with a history of unlawful arrests, torture and extrajudicial killings;
WHEREAS in June 2020, Amnesty International released a report that documented cases of torture, ill-treatment and extrajudicial killings by SARS;
WHEREAS thousands of Nigerians have been protesting SARS for the past several weeks, only to be met with increased violence from the police; and
WHEREAS on October 20th, the Nigerian army and police officers fired into the crowd killing at least 12 protesters.
a) That the CSA write a public statement in collaboration with the Guelph Black Student Association (GBSA) to stand in solidarity with Nigerians protesting against SARS and condemning police brutality.
b) That @feministco and @ officialendsarsresponse (Instagram links) be included in the letter as a means for readers to provide direct funds and to provide education on the issue.

Guelph City Council Composition Reforms
MOTION: To ensure that the CSA advocate for greater public representation in the Guelph City Council Composition Reforms.
WHEREAS the City of Guelph is currently in the process of doing a City Council Composition and Ward Boundary Review;
WHEREAS a team of consultants were hired in January to launch a public consultation process regarding potential reforms to the City of Guelph’s council composition;
WHEREAS this consultation period took place for a three-week period, ending September 4th;
WHEREAS survey results and public input indicated that 66.1% of citizens want a council that is either the same size or bigger;
WHEREAS Guelph’s City Council currently consists of 12 councillors, two from each ward;
WHEREAS Guelph Council Composition consultants’ report proposes changing the composition of Guelph’s City Council to eight full-time councillors, with one elected per ward;
WHEREAS this proposal is contrary to the survey results and input from the public;
WHEREAS Guelph is a city that continues to grow, and therefore needs greater representation and not less; and
WHEREAS Guelph’s City Council will be meeting November 5th to make a final vote on council composition.
RESOLVED that the CSA advocate for greater public representation with two councillors for each ward as opposed to only one councillor per ward.

September 16, 2020

Co-host and Endorse the All Out September 30th Strike Against Anti-Black & Anti-Indigenous Racism
WHEREAS the CSA is an organization that is committed to an anti-oppressive mandate and constantly strives to amplify marginalized voices;
WHEREAS the CSA voted to support the Guelph Black Students Association’s letter of demands addressed to the University of Guelph Administration at the CSA Board meeting on September 3, 2020;
WHEREAS we are seeing movements and strike actions against anti-Black and anti-Indigenous taking place globally;
WHEREAS a group of Black, Indigenous, and Racialized student leaders, staff and faculty and allies from the University of Toronto Mississauga, University of Toronto Scarborough, York University alongside Black student organizations across the Greater Toronto Area have reached out to the CSA with an invitation to co-host/endorse the All Out September 30th Strike against anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism;
WHEREAS the strike demands include: A free and accessible education for all - with increased targeted grants & bursaries for Indigenous, Black & Racialized students, the implementation and prioritization of specialized programs, the implementation of race-based data province-wide, the recognition and implementation of orange shirt day province-wide, and campus-wide, the immediate removal of the Egerton Ryerson statue at Ryerson university, and to defund the police and demilitarize the police.
RESOLVED that the CSA co-host with the GBSA and ISS and further endorse the All Out September 30th Strike against anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism.

September 3, 2020

Guelph Black Student's Association Letter & List of Demands
WHEREAS the CSA's Mandate is to "Represent and amplify the voice of undergraduate students at the University of Guelph, particularly to decision makers;" and to "Contribute to a positive atmosphere of acceptance, inclusion, belonging and safety on campus";
WHEREAS APPENDIX I: Section 2.1 states that "The CSA endorses and will work to enact the following Declaration of Student Rights: We declare that a full policy of non-discrimination against students must be enforced at all educational institutions within Canadian society. Further, every person has the right to equal treatment without being discriminated against because of race, national or ethnic origin, religion, sex, gender orientation, ability, family status, sexual orientation, political belief or socio- economic background.";
WHEREAS APPENDIX I: Section 2.3.: The CSA endorses and will work to enact the following Declaration of Rights of Racialized students: The right of racialized students to organize as racialized people, since organizations pertaining to racialized people within the student movement are necessary to actively raise the issues faced by racialized students, to provide a place for racialized people to develop organizational and political skills, and to provide a forum where racialized people can develop a sense of unity and cooperation";
WHEREAS APPENDIX I: Section 2.3 states "The right of racialized students to a students’ union which recognizes, promotes and funds an organization for racialized people on campus to facilitate involvement in issues pertaining to racialized people"; and
WHEREAS APPENDIX I: Section 2.3 states "The right to an educational environment free of racist harassment, and racial violence"
RESOLVED: that the Central Student Association fully supports the undated letter and list of demands sent from the Guelph Black Students Association (GBSA) addressed to the University of Guelph Administration.

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