Spring 2024: By-Elections Candidates

Candidate Update: Wednesday, April 10th
Based on violations of the CSA Electoral Policy, the VP Student Experience candidate Max Mancuso, has been disqualified. Votes for the candidate will count towards quorum but cannot be recast. 

Executive Candidates

Nate Broughton  CSA President
Hey Gryphons! I’m Nate, a CompSci student passionate about enhancing our community as your next CSA President. My journey in the CSA so far as a Director has been amazing, pushing for transparency and enhancing the student experience. I've directly contributed to crucial bylaw changes, increasing accountability and openness from the CSA. Beyond governance, I've actively participated in committees like theCannon.ca, Student Events & Initiatives Funding, and Policy & Bylaw Review, plus roles in the UC Board and IT Student Advisory Committee, showcasing my commitment to our campus life. My platform centers on promoting effective communication, transparency, collaboration, and sustainability, alongside prioritizing mental health, addressing housing, tackling food insecurity, and ensuring everyone has a safe space at the University. With a track record of dedicated involvement and tangible achievements, I aim to lead with YOUR voice and vision at the forefront. Let’s shape a more inclusive, responsive CSA together. Vote Nate! 

Adam Ratkowski  CSA President
Hey Gryphons! My name is Adam Ratkowski and I’m running to be your next CSA President. If elected into the Presidency position I’m hoping to overhaul the student union system so that your student government can more effectively represent, cater, and advocate for the student body. If elected as your next CSA President my goal will be to remove all unreasonable bureaucratic barriers that are inhibiting the accessibility of student union services. Initiatives such as overhauling the club registration process so that the creation of clubs is an easy and accessible procedure along with enabling the students to opt out of more fees will all be major efforts of mine. Consistent and staunch advocacy between the administration and myself within committees to lower the costs of on campus services will be another large initiative, along with myself attending city council meetings and committees with the university administration to staunchly advocate for the fast tracked implementation of student housing development projects. 

Varnika Karavadi   CSA President
As your next CSA President of the University of Guelph, my vision is clear: to forge a future where fairness, equity, and community thrive at the heart of our campus life. My commitment is to pursue Fairness for International Students, tirelessly working to level the playing field in terms of access and opportunities. Together, we will break down the barriers to equity, creating a campus environment where every student, regardless of background, feels valued and heard. Recognizing the basic right to food as foundational for academic and personal success, I will work to expand our Foodbank and make nutritious and affordable food accessible to all. My aim is to build a vibrant community that will reflect shared values of fairness, and equity for all. 

Hartej Singh  CSA President
Dear Fellow Gryphons, As your candidate for CSA President for the 2024/25 term, I, Hartej Singh, am committed to championing your voices and needs. Central to my agenda is tackling the pressing issue of rising fees and the privatization of our campus resources. I firmly believe that education should be accessible to all, not a privilege for a few. Moreover, I recognize the importance of a vibrant campus life. That’s why I propose more inclusive, weekly events to foster our community spirit. I’m also dedicated to enhancing your university experience by increasing workshops that spotlight our invaluable campus resources. Equally crucial, I will strive to address food insecurity, ensuring every student has access to nutritious meals. Together, let's build a more inclusive, equitable, and engaging University of Guelph. Your support can turn these visions into our reality. Warm regards, Hartej Singh.

Manahil Zaid  CSA VP Student Experience
Hi everyone, I am a fourth-year student studying Applied Human Nutrition and running for the position of Vice President - Student Experience. I am passionate about enhancing the experience of UofG students both on and off campus through various fun and engaging events and activities. I have a lot of experience with event planning and coordination and have collaborated with various campus groups through my current roles. As the Student Nutrition Awareness Program (SNAP) Coordinator, I recently planned and implemented a Nutrition Month Fair in the UC in collaboration with other campus organizations where students could stop by, pick up free food and samples and learn all about nutritious eating! As the VP of Student Experience, I hope to advocate for and executive programming that students want and enjoy (such as the renowned Sexy Bingo, trivia nights, giveaways, and contests!). 

Simran Kalra – CSA VP Student Experience
Hello fellow Gryphons, I am Simran Kalra, your candidate for VP-Student Experience. Imagine a campus where every voice matters, where your ideas spark real change, and where every student feels connected and valued. This is the campus I envision for us, one filled with opportunities for growth. Electing me promises campus enriched with support, opportunity, and a sense of belonging for every student. I am committed to enhancing your career and experience through dynamic events, ensure fair funding allocation for student groups, advocate for affordable housing, expand study spaces, and enhance mental health resources. Having served on the Board of Governors, CSA Director, Uofg Senate’s Honours and Awards Committee, and University Finance Committee, I have cultivated the skills necessary to make these changes. Your voice is my priority, Let’s build a campus where everyone thrives. Choose wisely, VOTE FOR A CANDIDATE WHO STANDS FOR ALL. Reach out anytime at hkaur15@uoguelph.ca ; let's make this happen.

Bawneet Singh – CSA VP Academic
As the Vice President Academic of the Central Student Association at the University of Guelph, I, Bawneet Singh, have dedicated the past year to enhancing our academic community. Recognized for my advocacy for inclusivity and diversity, I've been involved in ongoing talks about late-night study spaces and more clarification on academic misconduct documents. Moreover, I have advocated for several students in their academic misconduct cases and helped them pave the way for an appeal. My role as a 3rd-year computer engineering student and my experiences as a facilitator and residence assistant have fueled my commitment to improving student well-being, academic rights, and financial support. Seeking another term, I aim to solidify our progress and further champion the true Gryphon spirit, ensuring every student's success. 

Natalie Wilkinson – CSA VP External
Hi Gryphons! My name is Natalie, and you may remember me from the winter election! I am re-running as your CSA VP-external for the 2024-2025 year. I am fully devoted to enhancing student life on campus, and I am eager to be the driving force behind this for you! Having served as the Vice President of Internal Affairs for one year on the College of Biological Science student council and contributing to the 2023-2024 CSA Board of Directors, I bring a comprehensive understanding of student affairs and the CSA. Also, my three years of involvement in various leadership positions within residence life further enhanced my ability to advocate for your needs. I'm not just offering experience but a commitment to bridge that experience with a genuine passion for student advocacy. Your voice matters, and as VP External, I pledge to champion your concerns effectively. Your Voice, Your Choice for VP External! 

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