Frequently Asked Questions

What happens with vacant positions?
A by-election will be held in Fall 2022 (September / October). For more information, please contact the Policy & Transition Manager at

Can you be a CSA Director at the same time that you are sitting on a CSA Club's Executive Team?  

Is postering during elections permitted? 
Poster Runs may be available during the Fall 2022 By-Election as restrictions begin to lift.

Which social media platforms are permitted for campaigning? 
All social media platforms are permitted (see social media guidelines in Campaign Package), all social media accounts must be declared to the Assistant Returning Officer (ARO) via email.  

How will candidates obtain signatures for the F22 election? 
Signatures are obtained using Microsoft Forms. A unique form will be sent to each candidate from the CRO.

How do I nominate myself?
To nominate yourself, email the CSA's Chief Returning Officer (CRO) at to obtain your nomination package. 

How many signatures do I need to be nominated? 
For Executive positions, you need to acquire 50 signatures of U of G undergraduate students. If you are running for a Director position, you need to acquire 10 signatures of U of G undergraduate students from your college. 

I will be taking 1.5 credits next year, am I able to run for the Executive position? 
At this time, you are not able to run in the election if you are registered for more than 1.00 credit. The CSA's Bylaw 1 - Organizational, Section 5.4.2. currently limits Executive members to 'being enrolled in no more than 1.00 credit per semester'. This policy is under review by the Policy & Bylaw Review Committee (PBRC); however, the limitation is in effect until Board of Directors approval is granted to any change. 

Are campaign volunteers allowed? 
You may enlist the help of campaign volunteers to assist with your campaigning. A list of campaign volunteers must be submitted to the Elections Office.

When does the Nominations period begin? 
The nominations period for the Fall 2022 By-Election begins on Monday, September 12, 2022.  

When is the voting period? 
The voting period for the Fall 2022 By-Election runs from Monday, October 3 to Friday, October 7, 2022.

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