Frequently Asked Questions

Winter 2021 General Election nominations open January 2021 - click here for more info!

Can you be a CSA Director at the same time that you are sitting on a CSA Club's Executive Team?  

Is postering during the Winter 21 elections permitted? 
Physical posters on campus will not be permitted during the W21 elections. We recommend the use of various social media platforms and digital campaign material. 

Which social media platforms are permitted for campaigning? 
All social media platforms are permitted (see social media guidelines in Campain Package), all social media accounts must be declared to the Assistant Returning Officer (ARO) via email.  

How will candidates obtain signatures for the W21 election? 
Signatures will be obtained via Microsoft Forms for the W21 elections. 

How do I nominate myself?
To nominate yourself, you must download the appropriate nominations document from the CSA website, fill it out and email it to us!  

How many signatures do I need to be nominated? 
For Executive positions, you will need to acquire 50 signatures of UoG undergraduate students. If you are running for a Director position, you need to acquire 25 signatures of UoG undergraduate students from your college. 

I will be taking 1.5 credits next year, am I able to run in the election? 
At this time, you are not able to run in the election if you are registered for more than 1.00 credit. The CSA's Bylaw 1 - Organizational, Section 5.4.2. currently limits Executive members to 'being enrolled in no more than 1.00 credit per semester'. This policy is under review by the Policy & Bylaw Review Committee (PBRC), however the limitation of no more than 1.00 credit per semester is in effect until review is complete and Board of Directors' approval is granted if a revision is proposed by the PBRC. 

Are campaign volunteers allowed? 
You may enlist the help of campaign volunteers to assist with your campaigning. A list of campaign volunteers must be submitted to the Elections Office.

When does the Nominations period begin? 
The nominations period begins January 25th and ends January 29th  

When is the W21 voting period? 
The W21 voting period is February 8th to February 11th.

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