Positions and Duties

Board Composition

The affairs of the CSA are managed by a Board of Directors of up to 35 persons composed of both elected and appointed members.

The Board of Directors is composed of paid staff Executive Officers, two at-large elected Directors and one appointed Director from each of the member college governments, and one appointed Director from each student group represented on the board.

The following Executive and Director positions are elected through the CSA Elections process.


4 total. Full-time paid positions and open to any undergraduate student.

The CSA Executive advocate and represent your collective interests, bringing the student voice to decision-makers on campus and in our community. Each Executive is responsible for consulting with the undergraduate student body, for their portfolio, as identified below, and for taking direction from the CSA Board of Directors when given. Your Executive utilize experience & consultation with other students to create an environment on our campus that is inclusive, safe, and enhances your sense of belonging at the University of Guelph. We are here for you!

To learn more about what the CSA Executive and their duties, click here.

  • One (1) President 
  • One (1) Vice-President Student Experience
  • One (1) Vice-President Academic
  • One (1) Vice-President External

Board of Directors

14 total. Part-time volunteer positions, and open to any current undergraduate student.

Each Board member works under the consideration of the CSA welfare, image, and mandate, to defend and protect the rights and interests of students. Board members assume the fiscal and moral responsibilities inherent in being a Director of a not-for-profit corporation and must be prepared and informed; ready to participate in all major decisions made by the organization. As such, Directors have a huge influence across campus, and beyond, making decisions that affect the quality and type of campaigns (around tuition fees, anti-oppression, etc.), services, and events offered by the students’ association. In this way, Directors also help to shape and build the students’ movement!

  • Two (2) College of Arts (COA)
  • Two (2) College of Biological Sciences (CBS)
  • Two (2) College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS)
  • Two (2) College of Social and Applied Human Sciences (CSAHS)
  • Two (2) Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics
  • Two (2) Ontario Agricultural College (OAC)
  • Two (2) Ontario Veterinary College (OVC)

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