Teaching Excellence Award


The Teaching Excellence Award, presented annually by the CSA, both acknowledges and celebrates professors in their significant contributions to teaching through their dedication, innovation, and commitment to excellence. Since 1990, through the nomination of candidates by undergraduate students, the award has continued to honour those who have inspired and motivated students to reach their highest level of scholarship. The CSA is proud to recognize those who dedicated themselves to providing quality education and mentorship to the University of Guelph community.  

Previous Recipient: 
Dr. William Bettger of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences (2019)

2022-2023 Nominations


  • Completed online nomination form
  • Submission of two supporting letters from undergraduate students

Nomination letters should highlight favourable characteristics, providing context to demonstrate how the nominee is deserving of recognition for "excellence", while adhering to the criteria below. A good quality submission includes multiple examples of how the nominee fulfills the letter criteria.

Letter Criteria:
 – fosters a student-centered learning environment; encourages questions and critical thinking; incites interest and desire to learn and better oneself
Mentorship – takes a personal interest in students’ wellbeing and success; provides personal/professional development opportunities
Innovation – utilizes Open Educational Resources (OER), providing free high-quality course materials, recognizing the impact of textbook affordability; explores unique/creative teaching methods, curriculum, or assessment
Approachability – makes time for students; welcoming and inviting of students’ questions, concerns
Accessibility – accommodates students’ individual, unique needs in teaching, learning, and evaluation; opts to provide barrier-free course content and learning practices
Feedback – open to receiving personal/professional feedback or criticism in the prioritization of their improvement and the student experience both inside and outside the classroom

Letter Submission:
After completing the nomination form, please submit all letters of support (2 minimum) to csavpacademic@uoguelph.ca or bring in the letters to the CSA's Front Office, UC 279 (10am-4pm)!

Nomination Deadline: March 10, 2023 at 11:59 PM.

Contact Mason Friebe, our CSA VP Academic at csavpacademic@uoguelph.ca

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