Petitions, Delegations, and Representations

Groups or individuals are encouraged to come before the PDR Committee to request support or sponsorship of any event, program, or campaign. Requests for various types of support may include, but are not limited to, promotion, volunteer recruitment, financial aid, technical assistance, resources, office space and transportation.  PDRs are not usually granted for operational costs, salaries, honoraria, or alcohol costs. 

As per PDR policy, CSA Staff members, or programs may not submit requests. This includes any event or initative co-sponsored by the CSA. 

In fairness to all organizations, no group will be awarded more than $1000.00 in any fiscal year (May to  April). In order to qualify for future funding recipients of a PDR equalling any amount above $100 at any given time must present a written report to the CSA President within two weeks of the event or initiative. 

Completed forms are to be submitted to the CSA Presdent by email ( with the subject line "PDR Request" or "PDR Report" OR in person at the CSA Front Office (University Centre 273).