Board of Directors

Each Board member works within the CSA’s welfare, image, and mandate, to defend and protect the rights and interests of students. Board members assume the fiscal and moral responsibilities of being a Director for a not-for-profit corporation. They are prepared and informed, ready to participate in all major decisions made by the organization. 

Directors have a huge influence across campus and beyond, making decisions that affect the quality and type of services, events and campaigns (e.g. tuition fees, anti-oppression, etc.) offered by the student association. Directors also help to shape and build the student movement.

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The affairs of the CSA are managed by a Board of Directors of up to 35 persons composed of both elected and appointed members. The CSA Board of Directors meets on alternate weeks to discuss important issues facing students and how to address them. All Board meetings are open to the public.

The CSA Board of Directors is composed of the CSA Executive, and Directors including at-large elected student college representatives, and appointed college government and student group representatives. These include fourteen (14) At-Large College representatives (elected, two per college), seven (7) College government representatives (appointed), and ten (10) student organization representatives (appointed).

The CSA Board of Directors is supported by non-voting CSA staff including the Chair, Policy & Transition Manager, and Scribe.

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