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The Guelph Student FoodBank is currently operating by appointment only.

Once you complete the virtual Intake Form, you will receive an email with instructions on how to obtain an appointment.

In an effort to combat hunger and poverty on campus and in the greater Guelph community, the Guelph Student FoodBank provides graduate and undergraduate University of Guelph students access to emergency food, anti-poverty resources, and referrals to other food security, anti-poverty and financial assistance groups. This service is always confidential.

What We Are: The Guelph Student FoodBank, started and funded by students, began in the Fall of 2004. Since then we have seen the scope of our work increase dramatically as the real and often hidden issues of hunger and impoverishment become more evident. We have helped hundreds of people in need and held a series of events that focused on raising awareness about and resistance to poverty and hunger in our communities. With more than 1200 students accessing emergency food services in the community, the need for the Guelph Student FoodBank couldn’t be greater.

Hours of Operation

  • By Appointment Only: Once you fill out our virtual Intake Form and receive your visitor number, you will be sent a weekly email with a sign-up form for the following week's appointment bookings. 


For additional resources & support, please refer to the Guelph Emergency Food Access guide.


All current undergraduate and graduate students who are in need of emergency food are eligible to use our services. The Guelph Student FoodBank provides a maximum of 30 items per person in the family per month; we do not have a limit on the number of visits to our service, so visitors may take items as they are needed.

Please fill out the Intake Form to sign-up for service and receive your visitor number.

Funding Applications

The Special Diet Fund allows approved students to receive a cash allotment every month to supplement the services they already receive from the FoodBank. This is provided in cases where the student has dietary needs that require them to purchase food that the FoodBank cannot stock or are restricted from fully accessing the available items due to allergies and other health concerns. This funding may also be used to benefit students who need to buy children’s items, such as diapers and baby food. Click here to download application or scroll down to the Attachments section.

The Compassionate Fund allows students the opportunity to apply to receive a $50 allotment once per calendar year to offset cases of dire economic stress. Students receiving this fund are also eligible to receive all other FoodBank services and must be issued a FoodBank visitor number prior to applying. You will be notified by email of the status of your application within two business days. Click here to download application or scroll down to the Attachments section.

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