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The Central Student Association is your undergraduate student voice on campus. We advocate for and represent your collective interests, bringing the student voice to decision-makers on campus and in our community. Click here to learn more!

  Office Hours

The CSA Front Office is open for the Fall 2021 Semester!

  COVID Protocols in effect! Please help us protect our community by wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, and following all posted signage. For more information, click here to review the University of Guelph's COVID protocols.

  Services and Initiatives

Your CSA provides a wide range of services and initiatives to enhance the undergraduate experience on campus! Click on any of the services below to learn more about their offerings.

  Please Note: Some services are operating in a remote or hybrid capacity in order to comply with the University's COVID protocols; please check individual service pages for details.

Bike Centre

The Bullring

CSA Clubs

Guelph Student FoodBank


CSA Clubs

Bus Pass & Transit

Student Health & Dental

Promo & Printing Services

CSA Elections

Live Events

Menstrual Hygiene Initiative