About The CSA

The Central Student Association is your undergraduate student voice on campus and is a semi-autonomous, not-for-profit organization. We advocate for and represent your collective interests, bringing the student voice to decision-makers on campus and in our community. We also provide a number of programs and services to enhance your student experience and save you money. The Association consists of an elected Executive, a Board of Directors, permanent and student staff, and volunteers.

Our Mandate

The CSA is run by students for students. We:

  • Represent and amplify the voice of undergraduate students at the University of Guelph, particularly to decision makers;
  • Provide practical services that improve students’ lives and save them money;
  • Contribute to a positive atmosphere of acceptance, inclusion, belonging and safety on campus;
  • Support students to organize around issues they care about, including through clubs and campaigns;
  • Organize events that make university life even more fun;
  • Create rewarding employment and volunteer opportunities for students as a result of being a student-run organization; and
  • Serve as a central coordinating body for undergraduate student association representatives.

Our Indicators of Success

The CSA knows it is doing a great job when:

  • Students want to engage with the CSA. They know what the CSA does and are to be involved;
  • Executive members represent students accurately and confidently, based on knowledge of what students want that comes from having consulted meaningfully with them;
  • The CSA provides services that students use;
  • Advocacy on students’ behalf is effective in achieving its goals; and
  • The CSA has structures and active processes in place to ensure accountability.

Our Approach

The CSA is committed to:

  • Proactive engagement with students;
  • Representing all students accurately and effectively;
  • Staying relevant and valuable to students;
  • Excelling at communication;
  • Behaving in a constructive and professional manner;
  • Paying attention to the unique history and culture of this university;
  • Modelling organizational excellence, including unified leadership and trusted financial management; and
  • Promoting acceptance, inclusion, safety and a sense of belonging at the University of Guelph.

Recent Updates —

Bus Pass Update: Fall 2020

The CSA has temporarily suspended the Universal Bus Pass for the Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 semesters. This decision was made with benefit to the greatest number of students in mind, as many are not returning to Guelph in the fall or will not be using transit services.
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Bus Pass Update: Summer 2020

Beginning July 2nd, undergraduate students will be able to purchase a discounted post-secondary transit pass from Guelph Transit for July and August. Passes are available at Guelph Central Station’s mobile centre, ServiceGuelph at City Hall, and Guelph Transit.
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Bus Pass Update: Winter 2020 Refunds

The CSA and the CSA are happy to announce that Guelph Transit and City Council have agreed to our request for a pro-rated refund for your Winter 2020 bus pass fee and late night service fee. Student Financial Services has offered their support and will manage the refund process.
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Bus Pass Update: Winter 2020

The CSA has reached out to Guelph Transit to open discussions regarding a partial refund for our Winter 2020 students. Transit has assured us they will be fair with all clients. At this time, they are not able to address refunds, but I assure you they will open dialogue as soon as operationally possible.
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Page updated: August 2020