Student Bus Pass

Since 1995, the Central Student Association and the Graduate Student Association have negotiated a bus pass that offers unlimited access to Guelph Transit at a significantly lower rate than the public. Each renegotiation of the UPass is voted on by the student body. With transit routes spread throughout the city, students can make any neighbourhood their home. The CSA / GSA Transit Committee works with Guelph Transit to ensure service routes and schedules are reflective of students’ needs. Bus passes are available to both part- and full-time students enrolled in on-campus courses.

Submit Your Feedback 

This form is directed for all undergraduate students to submit their feedback, suggestions, concerns and experience in using this service. Allowing us to ensure that our service is tailored to your needs on a consistent basis. 
UofG Student Bus Pass Feedback Form:
Feedback from this survey will be presented to the Guelph Transit Committee on a monthly basis. Your identity will be kept anonymous. 

W'24 Bus Pass Opt-In Information

If you are a UofG student enrolled in designated Distance Education courses in W24, or are on a Co-op work term in W24, you are eligible to purchase a winter bus pass. The pass is a pre-loaded OnYourWay card, activated from January 1, 2024, until April 31, 2024, and available only from the CSA.

When and where can I purchase my pass?
Early-Bird Winter Student Bus Passes will be on sale beginning December 4th until December 13th at the CSA Front Office in room 274 of the University Centre, directly across from the South elevators.
General sales resume on January 8th, 2024 at the CSA Front Office.
Passes will be sold daily from 9:00am until 4:30pm for $157 (CASH ONLY).


I'm registered for in-person courses, should I opt-in for the bus pass?
No. As a registered student, taking in-person courses on-campus, you will be charged for your bus pass along with your other compulsory fees. You will continue to use your student card on transit, and your semester pass will become active on your card as of the beginning of the semester.

I'm a graduate student with questions about my bus pass. Who should I talk to?
Grad students who are interested in purchasing a fall bus pass or who have questions regarding their existing pass, as asked to email Nabhan Refaie, GSA President, at

How do I check if I have already paid the Bus Pass Fee?
To confirm whether or not you were charged for the Bus Pass, go to:
WebAdvisor  Account View   Account Balance, select semester  Charges  Compulsory Fees  Scroll to Bus Pass Fee – Undergraduate, confirm whether or not the fee of $157 was charged to your account.

Can I buy my bus pass online through the CSA?
No. We are unable to process online payments or e-transfers. You must be in-person to purchase your fall bus pass. If you are unable to attend our office hours, early evening appointments may be made by request to Samar Tariq, CSA VP External (

I lost my bus pass. Can I replace it, or do I have to buy another one?
As long as you registered the original card with Transit and have the card number, a replacement card can be issued through Guelph Transit. Before you contact Transit, you must purchase a blank OnYourWay card. Blank cards may be purchased for $5 at a number of locations in town, including the CSA Main Office.

Once you have purchased your replacement card, you may cancel your original card and transfer your account to your replacement card through your Guelph Transit profile, or by calling Transit at 519-822-1811.

If you lose your pass and do not have the original card number, you will need to purchase a replacement pass at the full rate of $157 from the CSA Front Office. At any point in time, you may purchase rides and passes directly from Guelph Transit. The Student Bus Pass, available only to UofG students, is priced at a significantly reduced rate when compared to public fares and is accessible only through the CSA office.

How do I register my Bus Pass Card?
To provide your card with replacement protection, register your card here, or call Guelph Transit at 519-822-1811, Option #3.

For more information about Guelph Transit, visit their website here. Bus routes within Guelph can be found here or learn how to use Google Transit here.

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