Student Bus Pass

Since 1995, the CSA and GSA have negotiated a bus pass that offers unlimited access to Guelph Transit at a significantly lower rate than the public. Each renegotiation of the UPass is voted on by the student body. With transit routes spread throughout the city, students can make any neighbourhood their home. The CSA / GSA Transit Committee works with Guelph Transit to ensure service routes and schedules are reflective of students’ needs. Bus passes are available to both part- and full-time students enrolled in on-campus courses.

Updates —

Summer 2020: Beginning July 2nd, undergraduate students will be able to purchase a discounted post-secondary transit pass from Guelph Transit for July and August. To purchase the pass, you need to show one of the following:

  • Tuition payment receipt for either the Winter 2020 or Summer 2020 semester
  • Summer or Winter 2020 semester timetable
  • Proof of Enrollment for either the Summer or Winter 2020 semester

Passes are available at Guelph Central Station’s mobile centre, ServiceGuelph at City Hall, and Guelph Transit. Please click here for more details from Guelph Transit on service hours for each location.

Winter 2020 Refunds: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Guelph Transit was made free to ride on March 18, 2020. Shortly thereafter, the CSA reached out to Transit and the City to request a refund to students who had paid for the Winter 2020 semesterly service. An agreement was reached to provide a pro-rated refund in the form of a credit to students who had been charged the fee on their W20 fees, the University will be administering the refunds.

Page updated: July 2020