United for Equity

About Campaign

The United for Equity campaign aims at challenging and educating students on barrier-free access to post-secondary education regardless of race, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age and socio-economic background. The campaign addresses different forms of discrimination and oppression on campus and in our communities.

This campaign also serves to address cultural appropriation, which is the adoption of elements of one culture by another culture. When members of a dominant group exploit the culture of less privileged groups, it is offensive. Wearing cultures, stereotypes, races, ethnicities and religions for a day is insulting – it comes with a long history of prejudice, discrimination, hate and colonization. For example, Halloween costumes and how some costumes are hurtful to people and cultures.

→ United for Equity is a campaign of the Canadian Federation of Students.

Campaign Goals

  • Create knowledge foundation on equitable language, frameworks and identities.
  • Reduce the stress and hassle for marginalized people to explain their identities.
  • Ensure the students’ movement is a space for marginalized students to organize, feel safer and have power to make the students’ movement diverse and inclusive to all.  

Get Involved

  • Interested in working to end hate on our campus and in our communities? Contact your VP External, at csavpexternal@uoguelph.ca for more information or to get involved with:
    • Working with Special Status Groups on campus
    • Ending the ban on queer community blood donors
  • Submit equity-themed artwork for the annual Art in the Ring event; Contact your VP Academic, at csavpacademic@uoguelph.ca for more information.

Previous Events

Laverne Cox: As part of our United For Equity campaign, your undergraduate students’ union brought Laverne Cox to campus. An outspoken transgender advocate, Cox is the first trans-woman to produce and star in her own television show, TRANSForm Me, appear on the cover of TIME Magazine (June 2014) and be nominated for an EMMY. She is also the first trans-woman of colour to have a leading role on a mainstream scripted television show, Orange is the New Black. Read more about the event here and check out the photos from the event.

A special thanks to our partners, without which this event could not have been possible: Guelph Resource Centre for Gender Empowerment & Diversity, Guelph Queer Equality, CFRU 93.3 FM, Ontario Public Interest Group Guelph and the CSA’s Student Help and Advocacy Centre, and Student Service Fee.

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