Fall Reading Week

The Central Student Association explored the possibility of introducing a reading week in the Fall semester at the University of Guelph, that which would have likely included the October Thanksgiving holiday. A reading week would provide students with a break from the hustle and bustle of university. This can do wonders for the mental well-being of many. 

The benefits of a reading week include: 

  • An opportunity for you to catch up with readings (and for faculty to catch up with marking and lesson plans), and other assignments you otherwise may have thought impossible to complete.
  • Time to re-evaluate your semester.
  • Time to consider dropping a course if you need to, as this week is close to the 40th drop date.
  • A chance to begin applying for summer jobs.
  • An eased transition for first-year students. This is often their first time going home since starting university.
  • Many more possibilities; what would you do with your time? 

Many universities across the province are seeing the benefits a fall reading week could introduce to its students, faculty, and workers.



For a summary of the Fall Reading Week campaign's efforts, click here.

Last Updated:
Friday, November 6th, 2020 11:25 AM