Permanent Staff

Permanent staff members work full time at your student association and are an invaluable wealth of knowledge, thanks to their years of experience and commitment to the CSA.

Please Note: Permanent staff are currently available exclusively via email; please check availability and contact info below.

Business Manager | Lee Anne Clarke —

Phone: 519 824 4120 x56744
Availability: Tuesday - Friday, 9:00am - 4:30pm

As the Business Manager, Lee Anne has the great privilege of supporting the CSA Executive, staff, and board in any and every way that has a dollar sign close by. With the assistance of our bookkeeper, the Business Department ensures that all money collected and spent from our $1.8 million operating budget, Bullring Cafe, Student FoodBank, Student Health & Dental Plans, Bus Pass, and Late Night Bus Service is recorded transparently and consistently with our financial policies.

Lee Anne loves to collaborate on projects and is constantly energized & inspired by the new ways to add value for our student membership.

Bookkeeper | Diane Antoine —

Phone: 519 824 4120 x56744
Availability: Tuesday - Thursday, 9:00am - 4:30pm

Policy & Transition Manager | Pete Wobschall —

Phone: 519 824 4120 x53887
Availability: Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 4:30pm

The whole of the CSA Policy & Transition Manager has many components. Pete ensures that Board Directors, Executive, staff, and volunteers receive a comprehensive transition. Other duties include presenting Board training materials, as well as managing CSA policies and bylaws. He prepares Board packages and ensures that meeting minutes are accurate and maintained in the CSA archives. His role is to help Executive and Board members fulfill their responsibilities.

With the Chief Elections Officer, Pete also develops election timelines and confirms that all administrative matters are adressed.

Promotional & Graphic Designer | Irene Castellano —

Phone: 519 824 4120 x54817
Availability: Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 4:30pm

As the Promotional & Graphic Designer, Irene's responsibilities include the creation of all promotional materials for the CSA; this includes everything from social media graphics, posters & banners, literature, merchandise, and much more! The Promo office is also responsible for operating our display rentals and large formating printing services. For a full list of services available through the CSA Promo office, as well as pricing and more details, please visit the Printing & Promo webpage.

The CSA's printing, promotional, design services are also available to all undergraduate students, as well as University departments and student organizations / clubs. For more information on how the CSA Promo office can help you promote your event, club, or department, please visit the Printing & Promo webpage or contact Irene via email to chat!

Bullring General Manager | Katrina Lindsay —

Phone: 519 824 4120 x58115

As the Bullring General Manager, Kat's role is overall management of the Bullring, leading & supervising a team of approximately 40 students and 3 full-time managers. Her duties include overseeing daily operations (all things food & beverage), human resources (interviewing, hiring, training & orientation, coaching, and reviews), health & safety, purchasing & finance, event bookings, and anything else that may arise related to the Bullring. 

Bullring Operations Manager | Andrew Clarke —

Phone: 519 824 4120 x58115

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