Permanent Staff

Permanent staff members work full time at your student association and are an invaluable wealth of knowledge, thanks to their years of experience and commitment to the CSA.

Please Note: Permanent staff are available primarily via email; please check availability and contact information below.

Office Coordinator & Service Support | Kandace Blaker she/her

General inquiries:
Phone: 519 824 4120 x 56748

As the Office Coordinator & Service Support staff member, Kandace is responsible for managing the Front Office and related services, supervising Front Office staff, and providing operational support to the Executive and core members of our team. Her role acts as a resource for all members of the CSA- staff and students alike! She is keen to help ensure all aspects of the CSA office are running smoothly so students can access the services and support they need. Kandace can often be found in the Front Office answering students’ questions regarding bus pass distribution, club room bookings, and the multitude of services the CSA provides. 

Business Manager | Lee Anne Clarke she/her

Phone: 519 824 4120 x 56744

As the Business Manager, Lee Anne has the great privilege of supporting the CSA Executive, staff, and board in any and every way that has a dollar sign close by. With the assistance of our bookkeeper, the Business Department ensures that all money collected and spent from our $1.8 million operating budget, Bullring Cafe, Student FoodBank, Student Health & Dental Plans, Bus Pass, and Late Night Bus Service is recorded transparently and consistently with our financial policies.

Lee Anne loves to collaborate on projects and is constantly energized & inspired by the new ways to add value for our student membership.

Bookkeeper | Diane Antoine she/her

Phone: 519 824 4120 x 56744

Diane is the CSA's Bookkeeper.  She records the CSA's financial transactions, assists with the annual audit, and helps manage CSA club accounts.

You can submit approved invoices and PC requests to her for payment. She issues invoices for Promo services, processes incoming cash payments and issuees outgoing payments. Diane also prepares cash boxes and floats for event ticket sales.

Student Experience Coordinator | Jack Fisher he/him

Phone: 519 824 4120 x 58188

As the Student Experience Coordinator, Jack works with the Executive Committee to plan, facilitate and promote events and activities for large-scale programming over the summer, during Orientation Week, and Homecoming. Jack also acts as a support resource to a variety of part-time student staff. Campus groups looking to collaborate with the CSA on events should contact Jack.

Policy & Transition Coordinator  | Colleen Bovay she/her

Phone: 519 824 4120 x 53887

The CSA Policy & Transition Coordinator (PTC) has many components. The PTC ensures that Board Directors, executives, staff, and volunteers receive a comprehensive transition to their roles. Other duties include presenting Board training materials and managing CSA policies and bylaws. Colleen prepares board packages and ensures that meeting minutes are accurate and maintained in the CSA archives. Colleen's role is to help Executive and Board members fulfil their responsibilities.

With the Chief Elections Officer, the PTC also develops election timelines and confirms that all administrative matters are addressed.

Promotional Services Coordinator | Emma Bradley she/her

Phone: 519 824 4120 x 54817

The Promotional Services Coordinator & Graphic Designer responsibilities include the creation of all promotional materials for the CSA; this includes everything from social media graphics, posters & banners, literature, merchandise, and much more! Promotional Services are also responsible for operating our display rentals and large formating printing services. For a full list of services available through the CSA Promo office, as well as pricing and more details, please visit the Printing & Promo webpage.

The CSA's printing, promotional, and design services are also available to all undergraduate students, as well as University departments and student organizations/clubs. For more information on how the CSA Promo office can help you promote your event, club, or department, please visit the Printing & Promo webpage or contact via email to chat!

Bullring General Manager | Katrina Lindsay she/her

Phone: 519 824 4120 x 58115

Kat’s role is overall management of the Bullring and along with Andrew lead and support their team of 40 student staff members. Her portfolio includes small capital & supplies purchasing, food purchasing,  budget and daily finances, human resources duties, customer service and event bookings. Kat is also a certified food handler and oversees the kitchen and creates the menu & recipes. She prepares food for the Bullring on a daily basis.

Bullring Operations Manager | Andrew Clarke he/him

Phone: 519 824 4120 x 58115

Andrew’s role is to oversee the day-to-day of the Bullring and along with Kat lead and support their team of 40 student staff members. Andrew ensures our customer's experience from ordering to delivery is the best it can be. His portfolio includes back-of-house support, front-of-house support, beverage inventory and ordering, health & safety and developing and maintaining the Bullring music program including, open mics, afternoon music and band nights.

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