Display Rentals

 Wineguard Walk KiosksThe CSA provides rental of 2 display locations on campus:

  • Winegard Walk Kiosks: 8 slots*
  • UC Hanging Banners: 4 slots

Kiosks & banners are located in high traffic spots on campus and are a fun, affordable way to advertise an event, promote a service, or just shout out a friend for their birthday or graduation!
*Due to the construction in the area there are only 4 slots available for rental.

  F23 Update: We are currently booking rentals for SUMMER & FALL 2024. Please review the details below or email csapromo@uoguelph.ca to inquire about rental availability.

Due to the limited amount of slots, rental requests should be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks in advance to ensure availability. Displays are updated on Mondays; while the most common rental is for 1 week, 2 or 3 week rentals are permitted if there is availability.


Taxes not included. For more information on large format printing, please click here.

on Lightweight paperstock

Winegard Walk Kiosk Banner
— Dimensions: 36in x 64in
— 8 slots total
— Maximum of 2 reserved slots at a time

$20 per week

$40 per week

$43.20 $52.80

UC Hanging Banner
— Dimensions: 70in x 36in
— 4 slots total
— Maximum of 1 reserved slot at a time

$20 per week

$40 per week

$47.25 $57.75

Submitting a Rental Request

Reserve a display place by emailing csapromo@uoguelph.ca with the following:

  • The week you'd like to book (Monday - Friday)
  • Print file in PDF format as well as fonts used; must be submitted no later than Wednesday EOD prior to rental.
    • Print files should be true to size and high quality.
  • Billing details: full name, full address, phone number, and email address
  • Alternatively, if your poster / banner is already printed, please specify; drop-off is required to the CSA Front Office by Thursday at 4pm in order to be put up on Monday. 

You will receive a quote for your project within 1-2 business days and will be invoiced within 6 business days. We require the name, organization / department, address, email, and phone number to bill to.

Need your poster or banner designed? Email csapromo@uoguelph.ca for a custom quote.

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