Large Format Printing

Large-format printing is ideal for banner rentals, class projects, and much more!

Pricing and Protocol

  • Pricing is calculated per square foot.
  • Taxes are not included in below prices but will be on your quote.
  • Your poster or print's dimensions must be 24in or 36in on at least one side.
  • For a quote on custom sized large format printing, please contact CSA Promo at
  • Turnaround for large format printing requires 2 business days to process, please keep this in mind when submitting a request.
  • Payment can be made in cheque, e-transfer, OR cash only; you will be invoiced within 6 business days.


Lightweight Matte
— Recommended for short term or single-use pieces.
Paper Size: 24", 36" & 42"

$2.70 per square foot

$3.30 per square foot

Heavyweight Matte
— Recommended for long-term pieces that can be reused.
Paper Size: 36"

$3.30 per square foot

$3.90 per square foot

— Available in high gloss or satin finish; limited stock.
Paper Size: 36"

$3.25 per square foot

$3.75 per square foot

Submitting a Print Job

Submit a large format print request via email at with the following:

  • File in PDF format
  • Fonts Used
  • Dimensions in inches
  • Paper type
  • Billing details: name, full address, phone number, and email address
  • Date for pick-up (please allow up to 2 days for turnaround)

You will receive a quote for your project within 1-2 business days and will be invoiced within 6 business days. We require the name, organization / department, address, email, and phone number to bill to.

Need your poster or banner designed? Email for a custom quote.

Please note that the CSA is not responsible for ensuring the quality of your print; while our graphic designer may be able to alert you in advance if your file is too low-quality for a successful print, please make sure that your files are at print resolution (300dpi) and true to size. If you need additional assistance regarding recommended formatting, please email in advance to submit your request.

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