Board of Directors Statements

October 18th - Statement on Israel Hamas War

The CSA Board of Directors strongly condemns the horrific massacre perpetrated by Hamas against innocent Israeli civilians, on a holy Jewish holiday, in which over 1,000 innocent civilians were killed on residential streets, in their homes, and while attending a music festival. There should never be any justification whatsoever for the murder, torture, rape, and the abduction of innocent civilians to be held as hostages. There is a great importance in calling out pure evil where and when it exists, as this practice allows us to stand in unity against actions that are wrong by any universal standard of morality and to demand accountability and justice from those responsible for the evil. As has been repeatedly echoed by Canadian public figures, organizations, and politicians, the actions of Hamas can only be classified as “evil,” and those who support these vile acts have no place in Canada and no place at the University of Guelph.

Hamas is a genocidal and internationally recognized terrorist organization, whose founding charter openly calls for the annihilation of the country of Israel as well as the extermination of the Jewish people worldwide. It is alarming and saddening to see the countless reports of recent “rallies” worldwide celebrating the vile and inhumane attack perpetrated by Hamas, in which some participants have called for antisemitic violence. We are also concerned about the rising rate of antisemitic incidents that have been occurring globally since Hamas’s senseless act of terrorism. These troubling and ongoing antisemitic incidents worldwide are horrific and are stark reminders of our responsibility to stand up for the Jewish members of our community in times in which they feel unsafe, attacked, and threatened. We need to make sure to stand against all acts of hate and violence. The CSA has zero tolerance for antisemitism, Islamophobia, and bigotry of any kind.

We are concerned about the lives of innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Innocent Palestinians should not be used as civilian shields by Hamas, nor should they be forced to remain in terrorist-embedded territories for the purposes of shielding members of Hamas and their infrastructure. Countless Palestinian lives have been lost as a result of Hamas’s evil reign of power. We are deeply concerned for innocent Palestinian civilians whose lives have now been threatened due to the horrific actions of Hamas and the subsequent humanitarian crisis.

We yearn for the day of peace in the Middle East and hope for the cessation of bloodshed.

November 15th - Statement on the Violence in the Middle East

The University of Guelph Central Students’ Association (CSA) is the undergraduate student voice on our campus, and it is our responsibility per the CSA mandate to contribute to a positive atmosphere of acceptance, inclusion, and belonging at the University of Guelph. We seek to be a positive force in bringing students within our community close together and ensuring that all students have adequate resources and support in times of difficulty. It is important to recognize the unimaginable impact that recent events in Israel and Gaza have had on members within our university community, and we sympathize with all of our members who have connections to the ongoing conflict. This is an extremely troubling time which impacts many of our students as well as members of our local and international community deeply.  

We recognize that many students feel strongly about the ongoing conflict; and when tensions rise in the Middle East, tensions rise on university campuses globally. It is important to remember that none of our Palestinian, Israeli, Jewish, Muslim, or other student communities are responsible for the actions of political leaders in the Middle East. The CSA is committed to working collaboratively with the university and the student population at large to combat and condemn antisemitism, islamophobia, and all forms of hate. We encourage our University of Guelph community to build a respectful and mindful environment amid this conflict. In this incredibly painful moment for many of our students, it is more important than ever that we come together to support, listen to, and care for one another.  

We encourage all affected community members to access the supports that the University of Guelph has in place, which can be found below:    

International Student Advisors  

Cultural Diversity Advisor  

Student Wellness Counselling Services  

Keep Me Safe  

Multi-Faih Resource Team 519-824-4120 Ext. 58909    


CSA Board of Directors 

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