SEIF: Student Events & Initiatives Funding

Our Petitions, Delegations, and Representations (PDR) policy has changed and will now be called Student Events and Initiatives Funding (SEIF). Read on for more information on how to apply! 

The CSA is committed to ensuring support for a diverse range of events and initiatives that benefit students. The Student Events and Initiatives Funding Committee is a Standing Committee of the CSA Board of Directors that is responsible for hearing, deliberating on, and making decisions regarding SEIF requests.

Application Deadlines

The SEIF Committee will set two application deadlines in the Fall semester and one application deadline in the Winter semester, with the option of setting a second application deadline in the Winter semester should funding be available. Follow the link for the appropriate deadline to apply. You will also be required to submit a detailed budget, the template for which can be found at the bottom of this page. Questions? Please reach out to Isha Maharaj at

F23 Application Deadlines

W24 Application Deadlines


As outlined in CSA Policy Appendix D, Section 7.0.

· Applicant groups for SEIF must include a CSA member of good standing.

· In fairness to all organizations, no group will be awarded more than $500.00 in any fiscal year.

· The SEIF Committee will rank each funding application based on the following priority system:

i. Internal accredited CSA clubs.

ii. Special Status Groups.

iii. University of Guelph accredited undergraduate student organizations.

· The SEIF Committee will also consider the following:

- Number of students attending the event.

- Number of students impacted by the initiative.

- If there is a cost to students to attend.

- The inclusivity and accessibility of the event.

- The level of enrichment to students.

- The groups access to other funding sources.

- The specificity of the budget.

- Whether the group has received SEIF in the current academic year.

- The amount of funds remaining in the SEIF budget line.

· The SEIF Committee is not permitted to approve funding for:

- Fundraising events, unless the raised funds are going to a student-specific organization.

- Goods purchased from sources that violate the CSA’s Ethical Purchasing Policy.

- Alcoholic beverages.

· A completed SEIF Report Form, available on the CSA website, will be required by the Committee. A completed SEIF Report Form must include a finalized budget breakdown with matching receipts for all purchases. Any variances from the initial budget submission must be explained.

· Any unused funds must be returned to the CSA. If a group does not submit a completed SEIF Report Form by the prescribed deadline, the Clubs Executive contacts will be ineligible to apply for SEIF funding for the remainder of the current academic year, and the following academic year.

· Second time funding for the same event / initiative may be provided, if it is demonstrated that it will be innovative from the previous event/initiative, as the SEIF Committee will consider innovation as part of the review process.

· See CSA Policy Appendix D, Section 7.0 and the SEIF Request Form for all terms and conditions of the SEIF process.

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