Click here for information regarding the current Fall 2020 By-Election!


All voting occurs electronically through a survey that will be sent to all of the undergraduate emails. Each email will contain a ballot for the Executive Nominees, the College Board of Directors Nominees, as well as the Referendum Question. We ask the students to check their inboxes on these dates to ensure that they have received a ballot and to submit it within the allotted time.

How to Vote —

Ready to make your vote count in your CSA electionsbut not sure how to vote? No problem - it just tasks 3 easy steps!

  1. Check your Gryphmail for "Central Student Association Ballot - VOTE!" and select "click here to vote link!
  2. Read the candidate bios via the link at the top of the ballot and vote for your preferred candidate!
  3. Make sure you see the "your response has been recorded" message!

Bonus Step: Tell a friend!