Button Maker

The CSA has two button makers available for loan to student groups on campus. Students can also purchase their button maker supply needs directly from the CSA Front Office. The button maker can be booked for 24 hours from 11am to 11am the following day. Multiple days can be booked if available.

To reserve the button maker, contact csamain@uoguelph.ca or come by the CSA Front Office.


25 Small Buttons (1.5in)
- Minimum order
$3.75 $4.50
50 Small Buttons (1.5in) $7.50 $9
100 Small Buttons (1.5in) $15 $18
25 Large Buttons (2.25in)
- Minimum order
$5 $6
50 Large Buttons (2.25in) $10 $12
100 Large Buttons (2.25in) $20 $24
Rental Fee $10 $20
Deposit $65 $65

Rental Fee and Deposit: A $65 cash deposit is required for all groups who wish to use this service. As of September 2019, a rental fee has been introduced to help defray costs of replacement parts. The button-maker will be examined upon its return; if it is found to be in working condition and is returned on time, your deposit will be returned to you; if it is not in working condition and / or you were late returning the machine, your deposit will be forfeited. 

Assembly is available at a fee of $10 per 25 buttons (CSA) or $15 per 25 buttons (External)

Last Updated:
Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023 1:51 PM