Poster Run

The CSA Poster Run allows access to multiple bulletin boards across campus in order to advertise your event, club, service, or other content in an affordable way!

  • S22- Poster runs take place every other Tuesday.
  • Poster Runs take place on Mondays & Thursdays throughout the school year.

Content Restrictions: The Poster Run service prioritizes student groups and campus & community events. No external sales and solicitations are accepted. The CSA reserves the right to refuse to post and to remove what we deem as offensive material. Please note that during CSA Elections, boards may be reserved for Elections Candidate and CSA-issued voter awareness content.


  • CSA Pricing: $25 per run
  • External Pricing: $40 per run
  • Letter, legal, or tabloid sized posters only.

Payment can be made in cheque or cash only; you will be invoiced within 6 business days.

Submitting a Poster Run

All posters for a run must be submitted by 3pm one business day prior to your preferred run (Monday for Tuesday runs, Thursday for Monday runs, Wednesday for Thursday runs). However, it is strongly recommended that you submit your request as early as possible, to ensure our staff receives your request ahead of time! A run requires 50 posters and can be letter, legal, or tabloid sized.

  • If posters are already printed: Drop off 50 posters at UC 274.
  • If printing is required: Stop by the CSA at UC 274 and our staff can assist you in printing your posters.
    • You can also submit a poster in PDF format for printing via email at with the subject "Poster Run Request - [ Monday / Tuesday / Thursday]"
    • Please include the full name, organization / department, address, email, and phone number of the bill to.

Putting Up Your Own Posters

If you choose not to use our poster run services, you can still utilize the CSA's collection of boards across campus by putting up your own posters! Please review the following guidelines before hanging up any posters:

  • Bring your posters to the CSA Front Office at UC 274 for approval & stamping prior to posting.
  • Front Office will provide you with a preferred board locations list for you to reference; please only put posters on those boards.
  • Please do not remove or cover other posters on the bulletin boards and use only thumbtacks - no staples!

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Thursday, June 16th, 2022 1:33 PM