Bulletin: CSA Board of Directors' Statement on Photo Arts Club Space

  Earlier this year, clubs were being consulted about a construction project occurring in the CSA Clubs Hallway. As part of the consultation process, clubs were informed that they could meet one-on-one with a CSA Executive to perform a needs assessment for their club to ensure that the new space was able to accommodate as much as possible. Photo Arts Club requested to have this needs assessment done. In this assessment, they were informed that their space would not be affected by the CSA Clubs Hallway renovations, but that there would be future renovations that would affect their space.

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Clubs Offices: Furniture Grab

When: Saturday, April 8 from 10am to 2pm.

In an effort to make sure we can find as many things from the club hallway a new home we will be holding a FREE STORE on Saturday Apri 8th at 10am - 2pm.

Clubs have already moved out of their offices and have left items they were unable to find a home. So, everything left is up for grabs and looknig for a new home!

Come to the 2nd floor of the UC south and find a new desk, desk chair, couch, filing cabinet and much more!

Final CSA Poster Run W17

The final CSA Poster Run for the winter semester will take place on April 6, 2017. 

This service will resume September 7, 2017.

CLOSED: Board Chair

Position Re-Opened

Board Chair

Posting Opens: March 10
Posting Closes: March 24 at noon

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