2018 Elections and Referendums



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Voting starts on March 5th and ends on the 7th (midnight)

All voting occurs electronically through a survey that will be sent out to all of the undergraduate emails.  Each email will contain a ballot for the Executive Nominees, the College Board of Directors Nominees, as well as the Referendum Question. 

We ask the students to check their inboxes on these dates to ensure that they have received a ballot and to submit it within the allotted time. 

All Executive Forum:

The All Executive Forum will be held on March 1 at noon (12 pm) in the UC courtyard. The All Executive Forum is a place where Executive nominees can present themselves to the student body and answer questions regarding their campaign and policies.

'Come meet your future CSA Executives and hear what they have to say and discuss issues that affect all undergraduate students. 

Below is the form that you can submit questions regarding their campaign platforms to the Executives.

Questions: Email: CSACEO@uoguelph.ca

Fourm Question Submission

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