By-Elections 2019

Why Should you get involved?

Being a CSA Board member, you are representing your college on a university-wide level. Board members work to defend, protect and further the rights and interests of undergraduate students. The position also comes with the fiscal and moral responsibilities of being a director of a not-for-profit corporation and must be prepared and informed to participate in all major decisions made by the CSA. Board members can influence the quality and type of campaigns that the CSA will participate in (such as tuition fees, anti-oppression, etc). They also have a say in the types of events offered by the CSA or propose new ones to run.

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Fall 2018 OVC Candidates:

Kristopher Afshaun Zaman,BSc
Student Veterinarian
Ontario Veterinary College
Class of 2021

My name is Afshaun and I’m a Phase 2 student at OVC. Over the past year I have represented the Ontario Veterinary College at the CSA board meetings to allow for appropriate representation for a student body that is severely under-represented on main campus. My efforts have been to support and advocate for students that may be across the street but are impacted by University of Guelph decisions just as much. My hopes this year are to continue to advocate and support OVC students as the OVC – At large representative on the CSA board of directors.

Election Results

Ontario Veterinary College – Quorum: 47 / Ballots submitted: 101

  1. Do you support Afshaun Zaman to be your OVC – CSA Board of Director Representative?
    • Yes: 94
    • No: 2
    • Decline: 5

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