Room Booking

Room Bookings

On the second floor of the UC is the CSA Clubs Hallway designated for Clubs use. There are 5 bookable rooms for Accredited Clubs.

To book a room in the CSA Clubs Hallway fill out the Room Booking Request Form and follow the procedures below. Below are live calendar links to view pre-booked times:

  • Meeting Room UC 222 can hold 15 people and is a more relaxed and laidback space. This space is equipped with couches, tables, and a television.
  • Meeting Room UC 224 can hold 15 people. This space contains a large table and chairs for more formal meetings and planning space. This space is equipped with a television.
  • Meeting Room UC 225 is the largest meeting room and can hold 25 people. This space is equipped with tables and chairs in a boardroom style, for group events, as well as with televisions.
  • Meeting Room UC 231 is a smaller space for Accredited Clubs who may need more privacy. This space is equipped with a television.
  • Meeting Room UC 233 is a smaller meeting room which may be used by Accredited Clubs needing more privacy. This space is equipped with a television.

Note: rooms are reserved on a first come first serve basis

To book any UC rooms not in the CSA Clubs Hallway, you must go through UC Services by emailing .

Email if you have any questions.

Clubs Room Booking Procedures F22

1. How to Reserve a Room
Club signing authorities can either visit the CSA front office or complete the Qualtrics survey here to request to reserve a room in our Clubs Hallway. It is important to clearly answer all questions in the form to ensure the space is booked in a timely manner. Once the form is submitted, an email with your information is sent to and a CSA staff member will book the space for you. If there are any conflicts with the date and time requested, we’ll reach out to let you know! Otherwise, you will receive a calendar invite from us confirming your booking within three business days.

2. Picking up Your Room Key
To keep our bookable spaces in good operational condition, the CSA Club rooms are kept locked at all times. Members who book a space will need to come to the CSA Front Office (UC274) during business hours to sign out a key. If your event begins after business hours, you will need to arrange to pick the key up in advance the day of your event (see section 6 for hours of operation).

When you arrive to our office, let the staff member on duty know that you have reserved a Club room for the specified time and that you will need to sign out a key to the space. You will be asked to provide your contact information as well as  a piece of photo ID. You will also be required to sign an agreement indicating you understand and agree to our key sign-out and room booking policy (see below).

Once you have your key, you are free to access the space for club activities during the specified times only.

3. Returning the Club Room Key
It is important that you return your room key immediately following your event by depositing it into the Clubs Key Drop Box (on the wall directly to the left of the main office door, between the door and the water fountain). 

Failure to return the key, or damage to the key/identification tag, may result in the penalties listed in section 5.
A good rule of thumb: CSA Club room keys should never leave the 2nd floor!

4. Keyholder Responsibilities
To ensure the Club room is ready for the next group to use, we kindly ask that you complete the following steps before leaving:

•    Return all tables and chairs to their original positions
•    All personal belongings have been gathered (including dishes/cutlery)
•    Make sure all garbage is placed in the bin
•    All technology is intact and ready for future use
•    You have reported any problems or concerns to
•    You have turned off the lights and closed the door, ensuring it has locked behind you
•    You have returned the room key to the appropriate location (see section 3)

It is crucial that the approved keyholder be the last person to leave the space! These steps are necessary to maintain a productive and welcoming environment for anyone using these rooms. If you arrive at a room and discover that the previous user did not review the checklist above, it is crucial that you email immediately.

5. Penalties
Please note that failure to adhere to the processes listed above may result in the following: cost of damages to be billed to your club’s account, removal of room booking privileges for the remainder of the semester (any existing room reservations will be cancelled) and/or loss of club accreditation.

6. CSA Front Office Hours
For W23, the CSA Front Office is open from 10:00 am—4:00 pm, Monday to Friday. If you are not available during those times and have questions or need to pick up a key, kindly email to request an appointment.

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