Forming a New Club: A Step-by-Step Guide

So you want to form a new club? If you are reading this, you are headed in the right direction! Make sure to read each step closely, look at the bottom of the page for important deadlines, and email the Clubs Coordinator at if you have any questions or concerns!

Important Deadlines: 

The EXTENDED deadline to complete the Summer 2024 Contact Registry (formerly known as Summer Accreditation) is Wednesday, May 15th, 2024, at 11:59pm (EST).

*NEW: We are accepting applications for new clubs during Summer 24 starting May 16th, 2024! You can get the official approval to begin accreditation by completing the process below.

NOTE: You will not be accredited in the summer but will be set up to accredit in F24 (opens August 1st).

If you want to start a new club, the initial application must be submitted by September 23rd, 2024, by midnight in order to have a Gryphlife page created before the accreditation deadline in F24. See below for more details!

Step One: Do Your Research

Before jumping right into the new club creation process it is important that you do your research first:

  • Develop a firm idea of what you want your club to represent, what activities or events your club may run, how you will recruit club members etc.
  • Make sure to review Gryphlife to ensure that a similar club does not already exist. The CSA will not approve the creation of a new club if it is too similar to a pre-existing club. If you would like to know if a similar club exists and aren’t sure, email
  • Review the Clubs Handbook to become familiar with the expectations and requirements of being a club accredited under the CSA.
  • Please keep in mind that CSA clubs must be of potential interest to all undergraduate students. Any clubs of interest to specific colleges or academic programs should seek accreditation from their individual college government. 

Step Two: Check For Demand

Once you have an idea of what your club will be, it is time to begin recruiting club members.

  • To become an accredited CSA Club you are required to submit a club membership list during the accreditation process. This list will include names, ID numbers, and student emails of all club members.
  • Every CSA club is required to have a minimum of 25 members to become and remain an active CSA club. At least two thirds of the membership of all CSA clubs must be undergraduate students.
  • Club membership must be open to all members of the University of Guelph community including undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members, employees of the University and alumni.
  • At this stage, ask around to see if you can find at least 25 people to join your club. You will fill out the official form later in the application process.  

Step Three: Submit Your Initial Application

This form will ask some basic questions about your club to ensure you have a viable idea before going through the formal paperwork and accreditation process on Gryphlife in the Fall semester. You will also gain feedback on how you can be better prepared for accreditation in the Fall semester.  Only new clubs must fill out this form.

Complete this form
 by September 23rd. Submit early so you can have an active GryphLIfe page August 1st and are ready when Accreditation opens in August!

Step Four: Wait for Further Instructions

Your initial application will be reviewed by the Clubs Administrative Coordinator. From there, you will receive approval to apply for accreditation, or will be asked additional questions for further clarification.  

You can read more on what to expect for the accreditation process, including the required documents, by clicking here.  

More information will be provided to you after your initial application has been approved. You do not need to complete these final steps until you have heard from us.

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Thursday, May 16th, 2024 2:35 PM