Clubs Days

Come check out all the clubs that the University of Guelph has to offer at Clubs Days! This is a great opportunity for you to find your niche and meet like-minded friends! Every Fall and Winter semester the CSA runs a two day event during the second week of classes, and every CSA club is invited to participate! 100 tables and chairs are set up within the first floor of the University Centre to allow space for clubs and organizations across campus to set up an information booth and advertise their group. As a CSA accredited club you get first dibs on a table space by arriving to table sign up on time. (Make sure to show up early because there is ALWAYS a big line up to pick the best space!) This is a great opportunity for new and returning clubs to recruit new members and promote their club. This is also a great event to attend if you are looking for a new club to join.

→ Questions? Email the Clubs Programming Coordinator at

Clubs Days Winter 2024

CSA Clubs Days is back in-person bigger and better! At the UC on January 18th and 19th from 10AM to 4PM, more than 100 different types of organizations and clubs will be giving out information and looking for new members! Pick up a passport during Clubs Days, and while travelling from club to club, make sure to get initials from the tables as proof of your journey! If you fill up all six spots one of which must be a CSA service, you will be entered into a draw to win one of three prizes each valued at $100

For further information email Ana-Maria at

Are you a club or organization looking to sign up? See below: 

  • If you are a CSA accredited club (F23/W24) you get first dibs on a table! Please fill out the Microsoft form to reserve a table. Unlike last semester you will not have the opportunity to choose a specific location, instead you will be randomly assigned a table. This form must be completed by Tuesday, September 14th at 4:00pm to participate in clubs day.
  • If you are a club or organization looking to get accredited under the CSA, or are accredited under a different PSO, please fill out this form by Tuesday, September 14th at at 4:00pm to participate.

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