The Bullring Catering

The Bulling offers special event booking on weekends and after closing on Fridays. Easy decorating accommodations, a stage, and its unique architecture make The Bullring an ideal location for wedding receptions, parties, conference dinners, or anything your heart desires.  Groups can either choose to bring their own decorations, or make use of The Bullring’s own fantastic furniture.

We do not allow outside catering in The Bullring.

Catering and Rental Package

Renting The Bullring - Exclusive Events

A PDF of this information can be downloaded in the below section titled, "File Attachments."

The Bullring has a right and a responsibility to manage the use and access to its interior and exterior space to ensure that the Bullring's business, the safety and security of the Bullring's guests and that the Bullring's reputation are not compromised. This policy outlines appropriate procedures and conditions and/or limitations regarding the use and booking of the Bullring space.

Exclusive events are available:

  • May - August: After 4pm week nights and all day/night Saturday and Sunday.
  • September - April: After 7:30pm on Fridays and all day/night Saturday Sunday.


  • 180 people (standing room as well as couches, tables & chairs)
  • 100 people (sitting room with couches & tables & chairs)
  • 60 people (just tables & chairs)
  • We are licensed for up to 70 people on the patio.  

Rental Costs/Fees

Midweek Evenings (May-Aug ONLY)  $350
Weekend Days(9am - 5pm) $350
Weekend Evenings (7pm- 1am) $600.00 - $750.00

Rental includes bartending staff, kitchen staff and security staff.  The rental rate changes depending on the number of people attending and the nature of the event(as this affects the number of staff & security personnel we require).  Evening event access time is 7pm - Earlier access can often be accommodated depending on time and date (additional fee may be required)


Bullring Staff are required at every event and depending on the number of guests and number of hours security personnel may also be required.  The Bullring will deem what staffing level is necessary based on the information that is provided and the rental fee will be determined.  There will be a manager on duty for your entire event.

Risk Assessment

Prior to confirming your rental, the Bullring requires a brief synopsis of what you would like to use the space for, hours you require it and approx number of guests attending, along with any other information we may request.  The Bullring will not rent to any group that we deemed a high-level risk, as they are not conducive with the Bullring vision and mission.  Every effort must be made on behalf of the CSA to ensure that the liquor license is protected.  Risk level will be assessed by the Bullring General Manager and approved on a case by case basis. All groups can lose their opportunity to book the Bullring based on previous event concerns.  Please call the Bullring General Manager if you have any questions or if you are unsure if your group meets or does not meet the criteria. 


To rent the Bullring, please contact The Bullring at 824-4120 x58115 or email


 A $250 deposit is required to hold any booking.  This can be paid to the Bullring during regular business hours or you can mail a cheque.   Cheques are written payable to the Central Student Association.   Depending on the nature of your event and the forecasted cost, instalment payments and dates will be established prior to your event.  Please note that we DO NOT accept credit or debit cards or University of Guelph coding.


Cancellation within 30 days of an event will forfeit $250.00 deposit. 


Is FREE anywhere on campus after 5pm weekdays and all day/night on the weekends.  During business hours (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm) fees are required.  The closest metred lot is P5.  For more information or for a parking lot map please visit the University of Guelph parking website.

Set up and Decoration

Dance Floor -  At your request, the Bullring staff can create a dance floor in front of the stage. We do not have storage for furniture, and therefore all furniture will remain in the building but will be moved to the perimeter of the room. 

Moving Furniture into a different setup - At your request, the Bullring staff can move furniture to an agreed upon set up prior to your event. 

Renting Tables & Chairs - Based on our capacity and current set up this is not possible within the building.

You may bring any decorations you would like, as long as you take it down at the end of the night.  All candles/flames must be enclosed.  You cannot hang anything from our heat sensors or sprinkler system.

Set up is available one hour prior to the event.   Should you require more time or would prefer a different time (ie in the afternoon) it will be subject to availability and additional fee.

Food Options

There is NO outside food and drink permitted.  (only exception is cake)  All food must be ordered from the Bullring, we have a catering menu with a wide range of food available.   You may bring in Cakes/Cupcakes, but they MUST be made in a commercial kitchen/bakery.  Please see Bullring Catering Menus for more information and pricing


Is prohibited in The Bullring, including the fenced-in patio space (and in any building space that is owned, managed or leased by the university).  You must be more than 9 meters (30ft) from any university building entrance or exit, loading dock, fresh air intake or compressed gas storage area.  All smokers are expected to use the external cigarette waste receptacles (ashtrays) as provided by the university.   For the purpose of this policy, smoking includes carrying of a lighted cigar, cigarette, cigarillo, pipe or any other lighted smoking device or electronic cigarettes.


The west entrance (Winegard Walk side) has a hands free accessible door(s).  Restrooms are also fully accessible.  

Music and Sound System

At exclusive events you may play your own music, we have a sound system that is available for your use, you may hook up a laptop, tablet, iPod/mp3 player. We have a microphone that can also be set up for your use.

You may also hire/bring in a band or a DJ - Please note that all bands and DJ's are required to bring their own equipment. 

Safe Service of Alcohol

The Bullring is solely responsible for the serving of all alcohol on the premises and all related responsibilities including monitoring consumption, guest conduct and ensuring minors are not served. We can only sell alcohol we have purchased.  During events that have a high number of minors present and/or student events, we will have a wrist band policy in effect.  The Bullring has a zero-tolerance policy and reserves the right to stop service, to remove intoxicated/disruptive guests and/or underage persons found to be drinking or intoxicated.

Beverage and Bar Options

The Bullring offers fair trade coffee, tea, juices, soft drinks and stocks a full bar.   We do cash bars, host bars and ticketed bars (see below for full description).  Please note that at this time the Bullring only accepts cash at the bar.  Please ensure that your guests are aware if you decide to have a cash bar.  There is an ATM inside the Bullring as well as in the University Centre (located on campus).

Host Bar

The client is responsible for payment of all drinks consumed by their guests. This is invoiced at the end of the function, based on consumption.

Cash Bar

All guests pay per drink as they come to the bar.

Ticketed Bar

The client is responsible for payment of any drink when their guests produce a ticket (given out by the client)  Invoiced at the end of the function, based on tickets turned in.

Liquor Requests

Liquor can be requested if it is not on our house list. Price will depend on current market price and amount requested. There may include a stocking fee depending on the type of drink requested… this will be addressed on an individual basis at the time of booking.


Prices range from $4.25 - $7.50 for alcoholic beverages, and from $2.50 -$4 for non-alcoholic beverages.  All beverages are subject to 13% HST and 10% Service Charge. Please see the Bulling catering menu has more information on selection and pricing. 

Catering and Conference Menu

A PDF of this information can be downloaded in the below section titled, "File Attachments."

Alongside anything from our regular menu, the Bullring is pleased to also offer a special catering and conference menu.  All menu items are subject to 13%HST and 10% gratuity.  No outside food or drink is allowed.  Buffets & Platters are a minimum of 20 people.


Continental Breakfast
Toasted Bagels, Muffins, Fresh Fruit Tray, Cream Cheese, Butter, Jam & Peanut Butter, Coffee & Tea 
Sandwich Buffet 
Choice of 2 Salads, Selection (meat, vegetarian & vegan) of our famous sandwiches made fresh on our ciabatta buns and tortilla wrap (gluten-free available upon request), Cookies &  Assorted Squares 
Italian Buffet 
Caesar Salad, Garlic Bread, Pasta Primavera in our housemade marinara sauce (add chicken for $3.50/person or meatballs for $2.50/person), Cookies & Assorted Squares
Mexican Buffet 
Choice of 2 Salads, Build your own Fajitas in a tortilla wrap with sauteed green peppers & onions, seasoned chicken, our house made bean mix, lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, salsa & sour cream, Cookies & Assorted Squares
Bullring Buffet 
Choice of 2 Salads, Our Famous Housemade Chicken Tikka Masala, Our Housemade Channa Masala (vegan & gluten free), Mango Chutney, Steamed Rice, Garlic Naan Bread, Cookies & Assorted Squares
Hors D’oeuvres Buffet 
Vegetables & Dip, Bullring Pizza, Antojitos, Mini Spanakopita, Mini Spring Rolls with Sweet Chili Sauce, Hummus & Bread

Salad Choices

Gourmet Garden
Mixed greens with cabbage, carrot, tomato, onion and sunflower seeds tossed in our house made poppy seed vinaigrette
Cranberry & Almond
Mixed greens with cranberries, almonds and feta tossed in our house made orange garlic dressing
Mixed greens with tomato, onion, olives and feta tossed in our house made greek dressing 
Crisp romaine lettuce tossed with asiago cheese, croutons & bacon bits in our creamy caesar dressing
Ontario potatoes, onion, green & red pepper in a creamy mayonnaise-based dressing
Ontario potatoes, onion, green & red pepper in a creamy mayonnaise-based dressing

Rotini pasta tossed with fresh veggies & feta in a vinaigrette dressing


Assorted Sandwiches & Wraps 
Selection of vegetarian, vegan and regular sandwiches served on our famous ciabatta bun and in a tortilla wrap 
Cocktail Meatballs 
Served with sweet bbq marinara
Mini Vegetarian Samosas 
Served with house-made mango chutney
Mini Vegetarian Spring Rolls 
Served with Sweet Chili Sauce
Breaded Buffalo Cauliflower Bites 
Breaded and baked cauliflower bites tossed in Franks Red Hot and served with ranch
Mini Spanakopita 
Feta & spinach stuffed phyllo pastry
Southwest Dip 
Spicy cream cheese base with diced onions, tomatoes, green peppers and shredded cheddar cheese served with corn chips 
Potato Wedges 
Oven baked potato wedges served with our very own sweet chilli sour cream dip
Texas Caviar 
Zesty tomato-based dip served with corn chips
Vegetables & Dip 
Assorted fresh vegetables served with our house made hummus and house-made vegetable dip
Fresh Fruit Tray 
Fresh seasonal fruit
Cheese Tray 
Assorted cheeses served with crackers, sunflower rye and pita bread
Bullring Pizza 
Made in house, pesto or tomato base, gluten-free available upon request - vegetarian & pepperoni available
Spicy cream cheese pinwheels baked and served with sour cream and salsa
Cheddar cheese, green peppers & tomatoes folded in a tortilla and baked served with sour cream & salsa
Trio of Dips 
Hummus, Black Bean Dip & Southwest Dip with Corn Chips, Toasted Pita & Sunflower Rye
Vegan & Gluten Free Cookies  2.25/cookie
Assorted Cookies  $0.75/cookie
Assorted Squares Platter 
Brownies, Banana Cake

Beverage and Bar Options

The Bullring is solely responsible for the serving of all alcohol on the premises and all related responsibilities including monitoring consumption and guest conduct, and ensuring minors are not served.  We use wristbands and provide security staff as needed.

Domestic Beer
Rickards Red(341ml),  Coors Light(341ml),  Sleeman Original(341ml),  Old Style Pilsner (341ml)


Premium Beer
Creemore Springs(341ml),  Steamwhistle(341ml),  Mill St Organic(341ml),  Wellington Brown Ale (341ml),  Muskoka Detour (330ml)


Tall Cans
Wellington SPA, Royal City Hibiscus & Royal City Exhibition IPA


Imported Beer
Corona (330ml),  Hoegaarden (330ml)


Wine (5oz)
Andrew Peller Cab-Merlot & Andrew Peller Pinot Grigio


Ciders & Coolers
Smirnoff Ice (330ml),  Pommies Cider (330ml),  Pommies Perry (473ml), Twisted Tea (473ml),  Waterloo Radler (473ml)


Mixed Drinks (1oz +mix)
Rye, Rum, Vodka, Gin

Assorted Soft Drinks & Juice Range in price from $2 - $4.80
Coffee & Tea Service  $1.65/person
Coffee Urn Large (approx 30 cups) $46.40
Coffee Urn Small (approx 12 cups) $18.60
Punch Bowl $1.75/person

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