Our Initiatives

Compost Program

For years we have been working with the sustainability office here on campus with our composting program.  All our kitchen veggie scraps are diverted to our on-site composter located adjacent to the patio. Our coffee grounds are diverted to the Guelph Urban Organic Garden (GUOC) located on the UofG Campus.

China Plates, Flatware and Cups

We’ll do the dishes! Stay and enjoy your lunch and use our reusable plates & cutlery.

Compostable Take out containers & cutlery and Paper Straws

If you really can’t stay, the Bullring offers compostable take out containers & potato starch cutlery.

Borrow a Reusable Mug & Return it at your leisure/Bring Your Own Mug

Bring your own reusable mug (up to 20oz) and only pay for a small coffee. Forgot your reusable mug? No problem you can borrow one of ours and return it next time you're in.  Saving the landfill from your single-use coffee cups one cup at a time.

Locally Sourced Food & Drink

Many from our own beautiful city, including: Planet Bean, Wellington Brewery, Royal City Brewery, Get Baked Bakery, Gay Lea, Woolwich Dairy, Brights Cheese, UofG Apiary, and Freelton Greenhouse.

No Bottled Water and Reduction of Single-Use Plastic Bottles.

We have been bottled water free here at the Bullring since 2010.  There is a filtered tap with reusable cups as well as a water bottle filling station both in house. The Bullring continues to reduce single-use plastic in our beverage fridge, by opting for glass or aluminium when possible.

Cheap Fee ATM

Cheapest service fee on campus and the option for $10 bills makes our ATM the obvious choice for anyone needing a little cash money.

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