PDRs: Petitions, Delegations, and Representations

The CSA is committed to ensuring support for a diverse range of events and initiatives that benefit students. The Petitions, Delegations and Representations Committee is a standing committee of the CSA Board of Directors that is responsible for hearing, deliberating on, and making decisions regarding PDR requests.

Application Deadlines

The PDR Committee will set two application deadlines in the Fall semester and one application deadline in the Winter semester, with the option of setting a second application deadline in the Winter semester, should the funding be available. Download the application form and submit via email to the address on the form by the deadlines.

F22 Application Deadlines:

  • TBD

W23 Application Deadlines:

  • TBD


As outlined in CSA Policy Appendix A, Section 2.5.

  • An applicant for PDR funds must be a CSA member of good standing.
  • No applicant will receive more than $500 in any fiscal year.
  • Qualifying groups/individuals are based on two categories:
    • CSA member and non-member;
    • Member groups are defined as groups that include CSA member(s) of good standing;
    • Non-member groups are defined as groups that are not invoiced the CSA fee, but clearly demonstrate that the request directly benefits the undergraduate community of the University of Guelph;
    • Groups and individuals who choose not to be invoiced for the CSA fee will not receive PDR funding.
  • The PDR Committee will rank each application based on the following priorities:
    • Internal accredited CSA clubs;
    • Special Status Groups;
    • University of Guelph accredited undergraduate student organizations, other CSA members;
    • Non-members.
  • The PDR Committee will also consider the following:
    • Number of students attending the event;
    • Number of students impacted by the initiative.
  • Second time funding for the same event/initiative may be provided, if it is demonstrated that it will be innovative from the previous event/initiative, as the PDR Committee will consider innovation as part of the review process.
  • Any unallocated funds from the fall will be available in the winter. The date of the event/initiative does not affect the application deadline. For example, an applicant may submit a funding request in the fall for an event in the winter. Also, if unsuccessful in the fall, an applicant may re-submit in the winter.
  • A completed PDR Report Form, available below under File Attachments, is required by the PDR Committee for future funding.
  • See CSA Policy Appendix A, Section 2.5 and PDR Request Form for all terms and conditions of the PDR process.

File attachments

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