Petitions, Delegations, and Representations

June 2019:

As a result of the Student Choice Initiative, the PDR policy is under review.

Please visit this page again for updated information, coming soon...


The Petitions, Delegations and Representations Committee is a standing commitee of the CSA Board of Directors that is responsible for hearing, deliberating on, and making decisions regarding PDR requests for support.

Groups or individuals are encouraged to request PDR support or sponsorship of any event, program, or campaign.  Requests for support include promotion, volunteer recruitment, financial aid, technical assistance, resources, office space and transportation.  PDRs are not usually granted for operational costs, salaries, honoraria, or alcohol costs. 

Qualifying groups are defined as groups that operate outside the CSA and have not had funds allocated to them under the CSA operating budget.

PDR funding will not be considered unless it can be clearly demonstrated that the request directly benefits the University of Guelph and surrounding community.

As per PDR policy, CSA staff members or program reps may not submit requests. This includes any event or initiative co-sponsored by the CSA. 

Submit completed forms to the CSA President by email ( with the subject line "PDR Request" or "PDR Report" OR in person at the CSA Front Office (University Centre 273).

Student Choice Initiative:

In 2019, as a result of the provincial government Student Choice Initiative, the CSA Board implemented the following necessary revision to the PDR process:

  • Total PDR funds reduced from $13,700 to $6,000


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