Rainbow Bike Workspace

  Service Update

We are very excited to announce the Bike Centre will be open Monday through Thursday by appointment only. To book an appointment or view the hours of operation, please click here!

With loving-kindness, peace, and grease,
The CSA Bike Centre

Every Thursday from 5pm to 8pm; Currently suspended due to COVID-19.

We recognize that there is a broad range of lived experiences that might cause people to feel hesitant to access the Bike Centre. Bicycle mechanics has traditionally been dominated by cis-hetero men through the prominence of patriarchal stigmas and social barriers. The CSA and the Bike Centre seek to act against any societal structures that may perpetuate these tendencies.

Since 2010, every Thursday evening from 5pm to 8pm, the Bike Centre transforms into the Rainbow Bike Workshop (RBW). This is a conscious space for women and members of the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities held with the goal of bypassing gender, sexual orientation & identity, and race-related social barriers that may be normally experienced or expected when seeking hands-on shop and bicycling knowledge. During these hours, we learn and empower each other towards community and bicycle-related skill-building. This is an anti-oppressive space where proper pronoun usage and consent culture are fore-fronted, and where all skill levels are welcomed.

Are you someone who does NOT experience identity-related barriers to access to bicycle mechanics? Do you believe all people should have access to shop time and mechanical knowledge? Great! Here are some ways to support that vision:

  • Respect RBW hours by not attending them. If this is not a space that you find yourself in need of, then please choose to come during other service hours of the Bike Centre.
  • Be aware of the ways you interact with all individuals at the Bike Centre. Creating a positive anti-oppressive environment is everyone’s work.
  • Help to normalize consent culture (ask people if they want help - don’t take over for them!) and proper pronoun usage.

Last Updated:
Wednesday, December 9th, 2020 9:30 AM