Guelph Student FoodBank


The Guelph Student FoodBank is currently at capacity. Intake forms received after February 3, 2022 will be kept on a waiting list until normal operations resume.

Students currently experiencing a food emergency are asked to review the additional resources listed on our website and / or reach out to for more information.

Guelph Student FoodBankIn an effort to combat hunger and poverty on campus and in the greater Guelph community, the Guelph Student FoodBank provides graduate and undergraduate University of Guelph students access to emergency food, anti-poverty resources, and referrals to other food security, anti-poverty and financial assistance groups. This service is always confidential.

What We Are: The Guelph Student FoodBank, started and funded by students, began in the Fall of 2004. Since then we have seen the scope of our work increase dramatically as the real and often hidden issues of hunger and impoverishment become more evident. We have helped hundreds of people in need and held a series of events that focused on raising awareness about and resistance to poverty and hunger in our communities. With more than 1200 students accessing emergency food services in the community, the need for the Guelph Student FoodBank couldn’t be greater.

Hours of Operation

  • By Appointment Only: Once you fill out our virtual Intake Form and receive your visitor number, you will be sent a weekly email with a sign-up form for the following week's appointment bookings.
  • Please note that the Guelph Student FoodBank is currently at capacity. Intake forms received after February 3, 2022 will be kept on a waiting list until normal operations resume.

The Guelph Student FoodBank has regular annual closures:

  • End of semester closure: Closed April 24 to May 5; reopening Monday, May 8th
  • Summer closure: Closed July 29 to August 5, 2022; reopening Monday, August 8th
  • Winter Reading Week: Closed February 20 to 24; reopening Monday, February 27th


  • Location: 620 Gordon Street
  • Phone: 519 824 4120 x52561
  • Coordinator: Alanna Wyllie,

For additional resources & support, please refer to the Guelph Emergency Food Access guide.


All current undergraduate and graduate students who are in need of emergency food are eligible to use our services. The Guelph Student FoodBank provides a maximum of 30 items per person in the family per month; we do not have a limit on the number of visits to our service, so visitors may take items as they are needed.

Please fill out the Intake Form to sign-up for service and receive your visitor number.

For information on Funding, please see the Funding Application page.

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