CSA Noon Hour Concert: Justin Rutledge


Co-presented by the Central Student Association & CFRU 93.3 FM 

In 2015, Rutledge moved from Toronto to the eastern shores of Lake Ontario in Prince Edward County. As you might expect, the move had a big impact on the songwriter.

"Toronto is where I was born, but for some reason it became an increasingly foreign place to me. I knew I had to leave the city," Rutledge said in a statement.

As such, his seventh studio album was influenced by his new surrounding, with the full-length recorded even further east in Nova Scotia. It was there that he crafted EAST with producer and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Ledwell at his studio in Lake Echo, NS.

"I wanted to create an album in which a different geography served as the backdrop," Rutledge said. "I wanted to record on the east coast, use musicians from the East Coast, even master the album on the East Coast. Thinking of a title for the album was easy." 


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UC Courtyard

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