Art of Resistance v.2


The Beehive Design Collective and Test Their Logik present: “Art of Resistance, vol. 2”

Combining storytelling and presentations of the Beehive’s Graphics with hip-hop performances and shows, offering a wide range of workshops, and distributing independent activist media, the Art of resistance tour is all about cross-pollination.
A multi-disciplanery showcase of breathtaking visual art, engaged storytelling, participatory discussion and live hiphop and spoken word. This is a hybrid Beehive presentation and Test Their Logik hip-hop show. This workshop leads the audience through a MesoAmérica Resiste story while breaking to hear spoken word (acappella hip-hop) verses covering similar political themes.

Who are the Beehive Collective?

On tour with giant, portable murals, the Beehive Collective use art as a tool for popular analysis, education and organizing. We offer high energy, interactive, graphic-based lectures and workshops that speak to the overwhelming and complex picture of globalization, militarization, and resource extraction, as well as the small-scale changes and actions we can undertake to build another world.

The Beehive's innovative, arts-based education strategy can benefit your community, school, or organization by provoking discussion, raising hard questions, and offering a hopeful story in an era of too much bad news. Over the years, we have spoken to tens of thousands of folks, and done countless presentations in locations of all kinds.

**this event is free and accesible. Please contact if you have any concerns or accomodations.


The Bullring 

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