Bulletin: CSA Board of Directors' Statement on Photo Arts Club Space

Posted on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

  Earlier this year, clubs were being consulted about a construction project occurring in the CSA Clubs Hallway. As part of the consultation process, clubs were informed that they could meet one-on-one with a CSA Executive to perform a needs assessment for their club to ensure that the new space was able to accommodate as much as possible. Photo Arts Club requested to have this needs assessment done. In this assessment, they were informed that their space would not be affected by the CSA Clubs Hallway renovations, but that there would be future renovations that would affect their space. As the Primary Student Organization (PSO) through which all clubs receive Accredited Student Organization (ASO) status, the CSA is considered the sponsoring organization for every CSA club. As such, the CSA has jurisdiction over all club space. The CSA is responsible for ensuring office space is made accessible to all student clubs. In addition, office space is to be shared between two or more clubs; no club may solely occupy an office (see CSA Policy Manual, Appendix G – Clubs Handbook, Section 6.1.1. Office space). As the space occupied by the Photo Arts Club is CSA space, it is within CSA’s jurisdiction to alter the space in any way that ensures the space is being optimized and serving students to the best of its ability.

        In July, the Photo Arts Club was informed by the current CSA Executive through direction of University Centre (UC) Administration that they would need to remove their items from their current space to make room for the upcoming renovations. At this point in discussions with Photo Arts Club, the CSA Executive came to realize that a temporary lapse in lines of communication had occurred between the Photo Arts Club, the CSA and UC Administration, as Photo Arts Club stated that they were unaware of any renovations taking place in the space they currently reside. It was at this point during communications that the CSA and UC Administration worked together to compromise and work closely with the Photo Arts Club to try to meet their student members’ needs as best as possible, while still making space for another student group that currently has no space in order for them to acquire that shared space.

        Following a review of Photo Arts Club’s needs assessment that took place during the Clubs Hallway renovations, a thorough review of the space, a meeting with Photo Arts Club Executives, and constant communication with the Photo Arts Club, a final plan was presented by Mike Calvert, Manager of Operations with UC Administration. This proposed plan provided a usable dark room and studio room, and maximized the space in the hopes that it could be used effectively by the student club members. The CSA has expressed that resources, as a result of the Club Space Renovation (which include meeting space and storage) are available for all clubs, including Photo Arts Club should they choose to utilize them.

        Following consultations with the CSA Executive Officers, the CSA President presented the issue concerning the space in which PAC currently resides to the CSA Board of Directors, the governing body for the CSA, at their regularly scheduled Board Meeting on August 16th, 2017. The CSA Board of Directors is comprised of student representation through At-Large elected members, College Government and Student Organization representatives. Mike Calvert attended the meeting to present on various factors involved in the planning process, and the possible financial ramifications that could be placed on the CSA if this renovation were to be delayed any longer. A member of the Photo Arts Club had previously expressed a wish to make submissions to the Board of Directors, via email communication which included the Policy and Transition Manager (PTM). This member of Photo Arts Club was made aware of the August 16th Board Meeting where their submissions could be heard by the Board and were also made aware of the time sensitive nature of the situation. The member of the Photo Arts Club communicated that they wished to submit their materials to the Board at a later Board Meeting in September.

        The information item, presented by the CSA President, included a request that the Board of Directors decide upon a direction for how the Executive Officers were to proceed on this issue. The Board of Directors presented and passed a motion (included below) that the renovations would proceed as planned, and that the CSA will communicate the decision to Photo Arts Club and maintain open communication with them moving forward. All CSA accredited clubs have the privilege to utilize the meeting spaces and storage options available to them through the CSA. As a CSA Club, Photo Arts Club student members are encouraged and invited to make use of these spaces to assist them with the transition into their renovated space. The CSA looks forward to remaining cooperative with all of the parties involved to ensure it is meeting its student focused mandate.

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