Building Community Through Diverstiy, Anti-oppression, And Inclusion


*****Building Community Through Diversity, Anti-Oppression, and Inclusion******

Anti-oppression work must reside in a framework that is accessible, restorative and sustainable over time and space. The first part of this workshop will focus on practical ways to apply an anti-oppression framework through an intersectional lens to our campus community. We will explore power structures, the fluidity of our social location, and the operation of privilege and oppression within our diverse community. Various forms of oppression will be explored such as racism, classism, ableism, ageism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia using an intersectional framework.

The second part of this workshop will explore ways to incorporate equitable practices and encourage inclusion and participation of all groups of people on campus with a focus on groups who historically and currently face marginalization. We will explore best practices that encourage, inclusion, learn how to facilitate discussions on heated topics, as well as discuss practical ways to build community.

This workshop is very interactive and should leave participants with a greater understanding of systemic oppression, new definitions, theories and analysis to further navigate difficult discussions, work in the area of anti-oppression, promote inclusion and work towards a more equitable campus environment.

********** Facilitator’s Biography **********

Malissa Bryan comes from a specialized background in sociology with a focus on race, diversity, work, education, youth and political economy. She often takes a feminist intersectional approach when conducting academic research or volunteering within the community. She is currently working on a PhD degree in sociology at the University of Guelph. Outside of academia, Malissa facilitates various levels of anti-oppression training using an interactive, intersectional and feminist framework.

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