Forming a New CSA Club: Step by Step Guide

So you want to form a new club? If you are reading this you are headed in the right direction! Make sure to read each step closely and feel free to email the Clubs Administrative Coordinator at if you have any questions or concerns.

Step One: Do Your Research

Before jumping right into the new club creation process it is important that you do your research first:

  • Develop a firm idea of what you want your club to represent, what activities or events your club may run, how you will recruit club members etc.
  • Make sure to review CSA Clubs Contact List to ensure that a similar club DOES NOT ALREADY EXIST. The CSA will not approve the creation of a new club if it is too similar to a pre-existing club.
  • Be familiar with all deadlines in the CSA club accreditation process. Failure to complete the process before the semester deadline will prevent you from forming a club under the CSA.
  • Please review the Clubs Handbook and the official CSA Clubs Policies found in Appendix G within the CSA Policy Manual to become familiar with the expectations and requirements of being a club accredited under the CSA. These documents can be found under file attachments on our clubs homepage.

Please keep in mind that CSA clubs must be of potential interest to all undergraduate students. Any clubs of interest to specific colleges or academic programs should seek accreditation from their individual college government.

Step Two: Form Your Club

Once you have an idea of what your club will be, it is time to begin recruiting club members.

  • To become an accredited CSA Club you are required to submit a club membership list during the accreditation process. This list will include names, ID numbers, and student emails of all club members.
  •  Every CSA club is required to have a MINIMUM of 25 members to become and remain an active CSA club. At least TWO THIRDS of the membership of all CSA clubs must be undergraduate students.
  • Club membership must be open to all members of the University of Guelph community including undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members, employees of the University and alumni.

Clubs Days

A great way to recruit members is to participate in CSA Clubs Day, which takes place in the first month of the Fall and Winter semesters. New clubs are strongly encouraged to attend Clubs Days to assist with membership recruitment and club advertisement.

Step Three: Complete Required Training Sessions

At least one member of each CSA club must attend and/or complete the following training sessions PRIOR to the accreditation deadline:

  • Clubs General Meeting – Ran by Clubs Administrative Coordinator every semester prior to the Accreditation deadline date.
  • Anti-Oppression Training/ Inclusivity Training– only required once per academic year.
  • *Please refer to our Clubs Accreditation Page for more information regarding training session deadlines.

Step Four: Complete Accreditation Requirements

To become and remain an accredited club, you must complete the accreditation application each semester by the posted deadline. Accreditation typically is due by the end of the first month of each semester. Specific dates will be posted online as deadlines approach. Failure to complete and submit this application accurately by the posted accreditation deadline will result in denial of your club’s accreditation status. It is strongly recommended that you begin completing the application PRIOR to the deadline to ensure you have all required information/documents needed. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Clubs Administrative Coordinator at

Accreditation requirements typically include:

  1. Membership List Document
  2. Primary Contact Information
  3. Booking Officers Information
  4. Financial Officers Information
  5. External Banking Account Information Form (if applicable)
  6. Minimum Internal Banking Account Deposit
  7. Up To Date Clubs Constitution/ Charter Document
  8. Completed Financial Report For Previous Active Semester (if applicable)
  9. Proposed Event Timeline And Budget Document For The Upcoming Semester
  10. Clubs Office Information (if applicable)
  11. External Contracts/Agreements Documents
  12. Clubs General Meeting Attendee(s) Information
  13. Anti-Oppression/Inclusivity Training Attendee(s) Information

For more information regarding accreditation requirements and deadlines please visit the Clubs Accreditation page.

Step Five: Begin Running Your Club

Once the CSA Clubs Office has informed you of your approved accreditation status you will be able to begin running events and planning meetings. It is important to stay informed with CSA Club Operating expectations. The Clubs Handbook is the best resource to assist you with general club operating procedures. Remember to SRM any club events as far in advance as possible, and document any financial activity experienced by your club in a detailed fashion. When applying for re-accreditation you will be required to submit a financial record of all club income/expenditures. It is much easier to submit this if you keep a detailed financial records book throughout the semester.

The Clubs Handbook can be found on our homepage under file attachments. A sample financial report can be found on our Clubs Accreditation Page, under file attachments.