Ontario Agricultural College

Amy Rodenburg

My name is Amy Rodenburg and I am running for a position on the CSA board of directors as an OAC representative. I am currently a second year Bachelor of Science in Agriculture student and I am majoring in Crops and Horticulture. I am interested in participating on the CSA board of directors to be a bridge between the Central Student Association and the Students within the Ontario Agriculture College. I believe it is important for the CSA and OAC to alongside each other for the benefit of the students and to bring awareness of ideas and concerns by improving communication and strengthening the connection between the CSA and OAC.


Patrick MacCarthy

Hey All!

My name is Patrick MacCarthy and I am a first year Agriculture Business student. The CSA affects the everyday lives of all OAC students; from bus passes, to club accreditation and support services. Yet, currently, the voice of OAC students is not being heard. From my experience serving on the executive of multiple clubs, such as the University Catholic Community, and volunteering for the CSA I have seen firsthand how student needs aren’t being met. Many services such as the student foodbank are over capacity and underfunded. Others like mental health support and resources for expectant moms aren’t widely known or accessible. The bureaucracy of running club events limits student experience.  As your representative on the board of directors, I will bring a fresh, different view to the CSA. A perspective that advocates for the needs of all OAC, not just a select few.