Executive Officer Portfolio Duties

CSA Policy Manual: Appendix A - CSA Internal Policy

13.1  Executive Officer Portfolio Duties

13.2  General Duties

13.2.1  Each Executive member shall be responsible for an area or areas of concentration called portfolios.

13.2.2  Near the end of their term, each Executive member is responsible for ensuring proper transition for the respective Executive-elect into their portfolio.

13.2.3  Each Executive member shall be responsible for consultation with the general membership on all matters pertaining to each respective portfolio. This includes holding office hours, performing classroom talks, etc.

13.3  President

13.3.1  The primary purpose of the President is to uphold the values and goals of the Central Student Association. This includes acting as the main communicator of the organization, and leading the Executive Committee upon receiving direction from the Board of Directors. This also includes assuring that the mission, programs and services are consistently presented to the various stakeholders of the organization. This person is also to initiate new projects that address the needs of the students at the University of Guelph.

13.3.2  Public Relations:

  • a. To be the spokesperson of the CSA
  • b. To contribute to the CSA’s Strategic Plan review every five years
  • c. To maximize awareness of the CSA as an organization within the University of Guelph and the City of Guelph
  • d. To make every effort to inform and educate the student body on all CSA initiatives, campaigns, programs, and events in collaboration with the Promotions and Graphic Designer:
    • through classroom speaking, attending appropriate student events, as well as liaison with as many student organizations as possible
    • including but not limited to, the support of other Primary Student Organizations (PSOs), Accredited Student Organizations (ASOs) and Special Status Groups (SSGs)
  • e. To ensure that all aspects of the CSA are adequately promoted to students, specifically focusing on promoting job opportunities, services, and activities:
    • To prepare and present a report to the Board of Directors explaining their plans for communication and engagement with the student body
  • f. To investigate alternative ways of publicizing CSA programs, initiatives, campaigns, and events to students
  • g. To promote the CSA through advertising efforts by use of campus Media in collaboration with VP Student Experience
  • h. To be the primary contact between the CSA Executive, Board of Directors, and the University Senior Administration on non-academic related matters
  • To coordinate all meet, greet and appreciation events with the CSA membership, staff, volunteers and Executive.

13.3.3  Finances:                    

  • a. To be familiar with all aspects of the budget, day to day finances and to at all time take into consideration the long-term financial sustainability of the CSA as a non-for-profit organization
  • b. To present regular financial reports to the Board of Directors and the CSA membership
  • c. To be the Executive liaison with the Business Office, especially on matters relating to the budget.
  • d. To be responsible for the oversight and coordination of the budgeting process in collaboration with the Vice President, Academic and Business Manager
  • e. To ensure that the budgeting process is equitable, manageable and adheres to the goals and directives set out in the Bylaws and Policies
  • f. To meet with the Business Manager on a monthly basis to review the statements of Revenues and Expenditures for each portfolio and the Council
  • g. To seek out new revenue generating opportunities consistent with the organization’s mandate
  • h. The President can only overrule a particular expenditure, if that particular portfolio or the President believes that the expenditure is not in the best financial interest of the association. The reason for overruling an expense request should be documented and presented to the Executive Committee for discussion within 24 hours of an overruling by the President.

13.3.4  Operations:

  • a. To be the signing authority of the CSA
  • b. To be aware of the general operations of all the CSA services by conducting monthly meetings with the General Manager and the Business Manager:
    • To plan the “Year at a Glance” calendar of events and responsibilities for the year, in collaboration with the General Manager, permanent staff and Executive Committee during the first two months of their term
  • c. To support the Policy & Transition Manager and General Manager with training and transitioning of directors, Executive, staff and volunteers
  • d. To act as CSA representative in legal matters, and be made aware of all legally binding contracts signed on behalf of the CSA
  • e. To ensure that the Student Organization Policy (SOP) Form is completed by the set date in summer, fall, and winter semesters, in order to maintain the CSA’s position as a Primary Student Organization (PSO) at the University of Guelph
  • f. To be the Executive contact for all matters related to CSA ancillary student fees
  • g. To uphold the CSA’s general objectives according to the Board of Directors annually
  • h. To be responsible for the oversight of CSA designated spaces
  • i. To coordinate the Annual General Meeting in collaboration with the Executive Committee and permanent staff.

13.3.5  To be a Member of the following Committees:

  • a. Executive Committee (Chair)
  • b. Finance Committee (Chair) and to ensure that the committee fulfills its objectives, as outlined in the CSA Policy Manual.
  • c. Student Health Plan Committee as Co-Chair with the representative of the Graduate Students’ Association, in order to ensure that the Student Health and Dental Plans are suitably negotiated and implemented, keeping as a primary objective the needs of the student body
  • d. Student Executive Council
  • e. Policy and Bylaw Review Committee
  • f.  Student Leaders and Administration Meetings
  • g. Capacity, Analysis and Planning Committee (Chair)
  • h. To attend and speak at the annual Student Memorial Tree Dedication on behalf of the CSA and the Health and Dental Plan Committee
  • i. Student Budget Caucus
  • j. Petitions, Delegations and Representations Committee.

13.4  Vice President Student Experience

13.4.1  The primary purpose of the Vice President Student Experience (VPSE) is to enhance the student experience on and off campus through events and activities.

13.4.2  To follow the leadership and direction of the President

13.4.3  To be involved in event planning pertaining to University of Guelph undergraduate students

  • a. To acquire feedback, as well as recruiting volunteers for events, promotions, initiatives, and special projects that pertain to undergraduate students
  • b. To create exciting and safe events, working collaboratively with other Primary Student Organizations (PSO), Accredited Student Organizations (ASO), Special Status Groups (SSG), etc.
  • c. To coordinate and plan Orientation Week events.

13.4.4  To advocate for increasing student representation and participation on committees and newly created standing and ad hoc committees

13.4.5  To manage the social media and online presence of the CSA

13.4.6  To provide campaigns and events that ensure the health and well-being of students in collaboration with the Vice President Academic

13.4.7  To oversee and support the CSA Bike Centre, Clubs Coordinators and Safewalk in collaboration with the General Manager

13.4.8  Collaboration:

  • a. To act as a support person for Special Status Groups, Under-represented Groups, and Diversity and Human Rights
  • b. To collaborate with VP External on advocating for under-represented and marginalized undergraduate students of the University of Guelph
  • c. To collaborate with VP External on information regarding campaigns and committees that affect undergraduate students’ mental health, well-being, and safety
  • d. To be informed of the various avenues that are available to students in need of advice, assistance, or support in non-academic university related areas
  • e. To ensure that students needs are being met through appropriate channels
  • f.  To provide referrals, resources, and act as an advocate as needed
  • g. To be aware and up-to-date on University resources that provide non-academic support to undergraduate students
  • h. To collaborate with CSA Programmer and Promotional Services to ensure effective and engaging marketing of events.

13.4.9  Space and Student Space Initiatives:

  • a. To cooperate with the President in being responsible for the arrangement and allocation of office spaces
  • b. To assist, when required, the clubs administrative and programming coordinators to assign bookable club space and lockers to accredited clubs
  • c. To assist, when required, the clubs administrative and programming coordinators to organize equipment rentals through The Shed as well as which clubs will store rentals within The Shed
  • d. To investigate and report CSA specific space and building initiatives
  • e. To work towards university-wide student space initiatives in cooperation with the Executive Committee
  • f. To consult with the Vice President Academic regarding campus acccessibility.

13.4.10  To be a Member of the following Committees:

  • a. To ensure proper representation on any University committees
  • b. To increase and advocate for increasing student representation and participation on these committees and newly created standing and adhoc committees
  • c. University Centre Board
  • d. Student Leaders and Administration Meeting
  • e. Athletics Advisory Committee
  • f.  Finance Committee
  • g. Orientation Week Advisory Committee
  • h. Student Life Advisory Committee
  • i.  Sexual Violence Committee, as well additional Sub-committees
  • j.  Student Wellness Advisory Group
  • k. 1 in 5 Planning Committee.

13.5  Vice President Academic

13.5.1  The primary purpose of the Vice President Academic (VPA) is to defend the University of Guelph undergraduate students’ academic rights and interests.

13.5.2  To follow the leadership and direction of the President

13.5.3  To represent undergraduate students with all matters pertaining to accessibility and funding of academic programming

13.5.4  To oversee issues of accessibility for undergraduate students that identify with having a disability

13.5.5  Financial Support:

  • a. To be well-versed in various areas of financial support:
    •  Ontario Student Grant
    •  OSAP
    •  Bursaries
    •  Work study
    •  Scholarships (Internal and External)
  • b. To oversee the planning of the annual University budget in collaboration with the President
  • c. To promote the use of financial aid available to students.

13.5.6  To create events targeted at reducing student stress in collaboration with the Vice President Student Experience

13.5.7  To oversee and support the Student Help and Advocacy Centre in collaboration with the General Manager and the VP External

13.5.8  Academics:

  • a. To collaborate and act as a resource with other academic student leaders
  • b. To communicate with students around various academic initiatives that are occurring on campus
  • c. To be completely knowledgeable of the Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures
  • d. To represent undergraduate students on all academic and accessibility-related committees
  • e. To actively engage with students to determine what academic issues are currently relevant to the undergraduate student body
  • f. To be responsible for creating a well-researched lobby document to address the importance of having an accessible post-secondary education system, and other academic-related initiatives that have been identified as a priority for the current term.

13.5.9  Advocacy:

  • a. To advocate on behalf of undergraduate students for an affordable post-secondary education
  • b. To be the primary advocate for undergraduate students who self-identify as having a disability
  • c. To work with Student Senate Caucus and College Government Executives to increase access to support services in order to increase academic advocacy.

13.5.10  Senate:

  • To act as an ex-officio member of Senate, Student Senate Caucus, and Senate Committees as per the Bylaws of Senate

13.5.11  To be a Member of the following Committees:

  • a. Student Leaders and Administration Meeting
  • b. Academic Policy and Procedures Committee
  • c. Board of Undergraduate Studies
  • d. Campus Accessibility Committee
  • e. Compulsory Fees Committee
  • f. Calendar Review Committee
  • g. Committee of Undergraduate Academic Advising
  • h. Judicial Committee
  • i.  any Special Service Fee Committee
  • j.  Student Budget Caucus
  • k. Senate
  • l.  Student Senate Caucus
  • m. Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • n.  Accessibility Working Group
  • o.  Capacity, Analysis and Planning Committee
  • p. To coordinate the process for the Teaching Excellence Award
  • q. To coordinate the annual Student Memorial Tree Dedication in collaboration with the Graduate Student Association and the Health and Dental Plan Committee
  • r.  To coordinate Art in the Bullring in collaboration with the Fine Arts Network and Bullring Manager.

13.6  Vice President External

13.6.1  The primary purpose of the Vice President External (VPE) is to represent the University of Guelph undergraduate students within municipal, provincial, and federal levels of politics.

13.6.2  To follow the leadership and direction of the President

13.6.3  To coordinate campaigns and events centered around municipal, provincial, and federal issues affecting students and our community:

  • To inform, educate, and involve as many students as possible in these campaigns.

13.6.4  To initiate awareness and lobbying campaigns around municipal, provincial, federal, and global issues, especially legislation and policy affecting students

13.6.5  To ensure that all municipal, provincial, or federal election, as well as general election information, is disseminated to students:

  • To be responsible for making public forums accessible and inclusive to all undergraduate students.

13.6.6  To collaborate with other civic engagement groups wherever possible

13.6.7  To monitor municipal, provincial, federal, and global initiatives, programs, policies, and legislation that impacts students:

  • Where issues could include but are not limited to: post- secondary funding and support, early outreach, and support services for international students, mature students and students with dependents, poverty, health care, employment, labour, human rights, immigration, criminal law, and economic policy, public funding or social programs.

13.6.8  To build campaign coalitions with campus groups, clubs, and organizations committed to social/environmental justice:

  • Groups may include the Student Help & Advocacy Centre (SHAC), Diversity and Human Rights Office (DHR), Guelph Queer Equality (GQE), Guelph Resource Centre for Gender Empowerment and Diversity (GRCGED), CFRU FM, Guelph's Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG Guelph), Guelph Black Student Association (GBSA), and International Student Organization (ISO).

13.6.9  To coordinate with the President for responses to hate activity on campus

13.6.10  To act as a liaison to Guelph, Ontario, and Canadian governments

13.6.11  To be aware of city by-laws, programs, and initiatives that impact students:

  • a. To represent the CSA at municipal events, activities, and initiatives where appropriate
  • b. To communicate with as many community members as possible.

13.6.12  To oversee and support MealExchange and the Guelph Student FoodBank in collaboration with the General Manager

13.6.13  To oversee and support the Student Help and Advocacy Centre in collaboration with the VP Academic and the General Manager

13.6.14  Universal Bus Pass and Late Night Service Agreement:

  • a.  To act as the administrator of the Universal Bus Pass Program (UPass) and the Late Night Bus Service
  • b.  To respond to any student questions about the Bus Pass and Late Night Bus Service (LNBS), providing promotional materials, creating campaigns about the UPass and the LNBS, and organizing distribution of the bus pass during summer, fall, and winter semesters.

13.6.15  Advocacy:

  • a. To establish and maintain positive working relationships with student lobby groups of which the CSA is currently a member
  • b. To establish and maintain working relationships with the Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) and Member of Parliament (MP) for Guelph
  • c. To oversee issues of sustainability on and off campus
  • d. To oversee additional matters as directed by the Board of Directors.

13.6.16  Support in Tenancy Rights:

  • a. To be familiar in specifics of the Residential Tenancies Act, and related City of Guelph bylaws in order to provide tenancy advocacy to students
  • b. When advocacy requires a legal opinion, to refer students to the appropriate community organization
  • c. To act as a resource for SHAC on issues related to the Residential Tenancies Act
  • d. To be aware of university residence issues and concerns and to work with Interhall Council to address them
  • e. To oversee the implementation of the Affordable Housing Initiative in partnership with the Guelph Campus Cooperative.

13.6.17  To be a Member of the following Committees:

  • a.  Code of Ethical Conduct Advisory Committee
  • b.  Hate Activity Sub-Committee
  • c.  Human Rights Advisory Group
  • d. Town & Gown Committee
  • e.  Guelph Transit Advisory Committee
  • d.  Student Leaders and Administration Meeting
  • g.  CSA/GSA Transit Committee (Co-Chair)
  • h.  Student Affordable Housing Initiative Committee (Chair)
  • i.   Energy Conservation Working Group
  • j.   neighbourhood committees.