We are pleased to introduce your CSA Executive team for the 2019-2020 academic year!

The CSA Executive advocate and represent your collective interests, bringing the student voice to decision-makers on campus and in our community. Each Executive is responsible for consulting with the undergraduate student body, for their portfolio, as identified below, and taking direction from the CSA Board of Directors when given.

Our 2019-2020 Executive collectively have 19 years of experience as University of Guelph students! We use our experience and consultation with other students to create an environment on our campus that is inclusive, safe, and enhances your sense of belonging at the University of Guelph. We are here for you!



Dena Van de Coevering

Email: csapresident@uoguelph.ca
Phone:  519 824-4120 x 54408
Location: University Centre 248 in CSA Office
Office hours: By appointment
Portfolio includes:
  • Uphold the mandate of the Central Student Association
  • Ensure that CSA operations, services and programs are managed effectively and efficiently
  • Work with a team of Executive, directors and staff so that every decision made is with the collective interests of undergraduate students in mind
  • Signing authority of the CSA; CSA representative in legal matters
  • Primary spokesperson of the Central Student Association
  • Chair of Petitions, Delegations and Representations (PDR) Committee
  • Co-Chair of CSA/GSA Transit Committee
  • Co-Chair of Student Health & Dental Plan Committee
  • Executive Supervisor for all CSA full-time staff​
Vice President Student Experience

Claudia Idzik



Phone: 519 824-4120 x 58328
Location: University Centre 248A in CSA Office
Office Hours: By appointment
Portfolio includes:
  • Enhance the student experience on and off campus through events and activities such as O Week Block Party, Sexy Bingo and stressbusters
  • Work with campus groups to create cool and safe events
  • Manage the social media and online promotion of CSA events
  • Responsible for the arrangement and allocation of CSA Clubs space and work towards University-wide student space initiatives
  • Support special status groups and advocate for under-represented and marginalized students
  • Supervise SafeWalk and CSA Clubs staff as well as the Student Events and Risk Management (SERM) Coordinator in collaboration with the Student Experience Department
  • Coordinate the CSA Free Menstrual Product program and referendum fee
Vice President Academic

Lindsey Fletcher

Email: csavpacademic@uoguelph.ca
Phone: 519 824-4120 x 56742
Location: University Centre Rm 249 in CSA Office
Office Hours: By appointment
Portfolio includes:
  • Represent and amplify student voices on academic issues such as financial support, inclusivity and accessibility needs
  • Defend the academic rights and interests of undergraduate students
  • Be knowledgeable of various areas of financial support including bursaries, grants, loans and scholarships
  • Be knowledgeable of the Residential Tenancies Act and related City of Guelph bylaws in order to provide tenancy advocacy for students
  • Provide campaigns and events that promote the health and well-being of students
  • Coordinate the annual Student Memorial Tree Dedication, as well as Art in the Bullring in collaboration with the Fine Arts Network and Bullring Manager
  • Supervise the Student Help and Advocacy Centre (SHAC) staff


Vice President External

Horeen Hassan



Phone: 519 824-4120 x 56376
Location: University Centre 250 in CSA Office
Office hours: By appointment
Portfolio includes:
  • Represent and defend the rights and interests of undergraduate students to all levels of government
  • Coordinate social and environmental campaigns centred around issues affecting students and the community
  • Monitor government programs, policies and legislation that impact undergraduate students and inform students of the effects
  • Collaborate with civic engagement groups including Wellington Water Watchers, Coalition for Social Justice
  • Build coalitions with labour unions and other workers groups incl CUPE, OPSEU, Guelph District Labour Council
  • Advocate on behalf of undergraduate students for free post-secondary education
  • Supervise the staff of the CSA Bike Centre and the Guelph Student FoodBank
  • Coordinate the CSA Bus Pass Distribution