Jack Fisher

My name is Jack Fisher. This year, I’m asking the students here at the University of Guelph to elect me as President of the CSA. I have a variety of experiences both in and out of the CSA that have provided me with the institutional knowledge I need to produce an effective and successful organization. I have three years of experience on the CSA’s Board of Directors. As a Peer Helper, I created leadership workshops that spread across campus, I’ve worked for the Guelph Campus Co-op creating tools to help students access their ideal future, and - as an Orientation Week facilitator, a member of the College of Arts Student Union (CASU) and Interhall Council (IHC) - it’s been part of my job to facilitate and advocate for more experiential learning on campus helping foster conscientious, passionate, and involved students.

I will continue to promote an openly accessible campus for all University of Guelph students and emphasize the importance of student consultation when making any decision that involves us.

I have been a part of student space initiatives that approved renovations in Mackinnon and for International Students and I want to continue in my current advocacy role promoting multi-purpose, effective student space.

In an advocacy role as President, I will continue to support, through tangible actions, those groups and communities on campus that are traditionally underrepresented while growing the CSA as an integral part of the U of G identity.

I’d love to talk to anyone who has questions about my platform. Feel free to send me an email – jfishe04@uoguelph.ca


Vice-President Student Experience

Aidan Paskinov

Hi there! My name is Aidan Paskinov, and I’m a 4th year History Major at Guelph. I’ve been involved with student government and campus groups for all four years and I definitely think I could excel on the CSA. I’m running for the position of VP Student Experience, which mainly handles CSA Events, the managing of CSA Clubs, and student space across campus. I truly believe that to change anything for students or the university, it needs to be a bottom-up approach. If we want the university to change then students need to put pressure on the administration. The only thing is, way too many students are apathetic and don’t concern themselves with these types of issues, instead they just resign themselves to how terrible the student experience can be, but it doesn’t have to be! To fix this I want to increase visibility and engagement amongst students so that they know what the CSA does for them and so they actually care about some of the CSA’s larger initiatives. I’ll do this by running some awesome events and generally connecting with students on a more intimate level.

The CSA has some great services that more students need to know about; they would make their experience at university a little better and are there just for them, but instead often go unused. This needs to change. University students are constantly stressed, under so much pressure, and forced to pay exorbitant amounts of tuition. I hope to change this by promoting services that might make their lives a bit easier, which will increase the CSA’s engagement with the student body when advocating to the university. If we want to change to happen it starts with the students, and it starts with working together.


Vice-President Academics

Natalie Clarke

Hello, my name is Natalie Clarke and I am running for the position of CSA VP Academic. I will be graduating in June with my Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Classical Studies. For the 2017-2018 year, I am very involved on campus and have thoroughly enjoyed being the Director of Activities for the College of Arts Student Union and the Social Coordinator for the Guelph Classics Society.

I am running for the position of VP Academic because I want to be a voice for all Guelph students and advocate for their academic rights. I want to work towards lowering textbook prices and providing better access to online textbooks and will continue to push for more study space on campus, including working towards having a 24-hour space on campus. I will actively work towards addressing the exam structure that leaves many students overwhelmed by the schedule and will continue to ensure that the mental health needs of students are met accordingly.  I will work towards getting more accessible resources on campus to ensure that all students are able to seek the mental health resources they need.

I look forward to the elections experience and continuing to advocate for all students on campus! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to hear more about my campaign or if you have any questions.


Tanya Vohra

Hello fellow undergraduates!

My name is Tanya and I would like to serve you as the CSA’s Vice President Academic for the upcoming year. Throughout my time at the University of Guelph, I have worked within the CSA in various capacities. This has provided me with the opportunity to witness how decisions are made and progress is fought for. I have also worked in Student Life, reaching out to first year students to connect them with campus resources and support. I want to continue to give back to the University and the undergraduate membership by advocating for academic rights, accessibility, and funding.  If elected, I will work with fellow Executives to ensure that the student voice is not lost and that every effort is made to engage in conversation with the student body. I plan to continue work on valuable initiatives, including further conversations regarding fall reading week and open educational resources (#textbookbroke). Lastly, I want to work towards implementing a student grievance policy for dealing with student’s right violations by faculty or staff. This is a procedure that other universities have in place, but the University of Guelph has yet to establish.

These are a few things I hope to accomplish if elected VP Academic.

Thank you for reading and good luck on your exams, Gryphons!

Tanya Vohra


Vice-President External

Kate Bakos

Hello my name is Kate Bakos and I am running for the position of Vice President External (V.P.E.). The main role of the VPE is to represent UoG students within municipal, provincial, and federal levels of politics, my goal, as VPE is to raise political awareness on campus. I will actively research Guelph’s city-bylaws that are in relation to students and disseminate this information to my fellow students. One program from the CSA that I am a huge advocate for is the Off-Campus Living Peer Helpers, who will review your lease before you sign. Which was extremely helpful when I was in my first year and signing a lease for the first time. Overall my aim is to make Guelph, and UoG feels like home for students, and through my role of publicizing Guelph by-laws, programs, and initiatives that involve students I believe we can make that happen.


Kayla Weiler

My name is Kayla Weiler, and I am a fourth-year history student here at UofG, and currently the VP External at the CSA. I am passionate about supporting students in their interests. I will continue to advocate against tuition fee increases and build towards the student goal of free education. I will lobby for more government funding for our education, and advocate for better access to our education. Also as Vice President External, I will be a voice for the students in meetings with Guelph Transit, and to work on developing better transit within Guelph, as well as advocate for students commuting to campus.

To fulfil the role of VP External, I plan to organize and endorse initiatives that support and represent students at UofG over the interests of senior administration or external groups. As well, I will consult and support marginalized groups and work to provide a direct outlet for these communities to have their interests accounted for on campus and in the CSA, while also supporting initiatives to create a more inclusive campus.

I believe that students at this university cannot be ignored and that their interests need to be a top priority on campus. Through the CSA, I will be able to continue to work for students. This past year as VP External, I have advocated for students, and if re-elected, will continue to direct my lobbying efforts so that they are in the best interests of the student population. I am energetic, personable, and dedicated to highlighting student voices. Furthermore, I am enthusiastic about representing students and passionate about our education. I would greatly appreciate your support - and your vote - in my effort to better represent you!

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