Winter 2023: General Elections Candidates & Referendum Question

Referendum Question

The Arboretum Student Engagement Fee

The Arboretum and Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots: University of Guelph Chapter are proposing a joint fee to be paid by undergraduate students to increase capacity and student experience in the Arboretum. The internationally accredited Arboretum, 400 acres of green space located on campus, focuses on habitat restoration, educating youth about nature, and conserving Canada's rare and endangered woody plant species. The Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots: University of Guelph Chapter club is a recognized post-secondary chapter that aims to create engaged community leaders who understand sustainability issues and their impact on people, animals, and the environment.

The Arboretum does not currently collect any student fees. This is a new fee. The fee amount proposed is $2.50 per semester from full-time undergraduate students and $0.50 per 0.5 credit per semester from part-time undergraduate students.

The fee will fund a new Arboretum staff member to provide year-round, accessible, student-centred programming and services differentiated for undergraduate needs and will increase inclusive access and offerings in various formats for UofG students in the Arboretum, as well as direct engagement with UofG students to access, experience, learn from, and participate in the Arboretum.

Separate referendums will be run by the Central Student Association (CSA) and by the Graduate Student Association (GSA).

Referendum Question:
The University of Guelph Arboretum and Roots & Shoots: Guelph Chapter currently do not collect fees.

Do you support the collection of a student fee of $2.50 per semester from full-time undergraduate students, and $0.50 per 0.5 credit per semester from part-time undergraduate students, to expand student experience in the Arboretum and hire an employee to provide additional programming and services for students?

This fee will be collected each semester (Winter/Fall/Summer), beginning Fall 2023, and continue indefinitely, subject to increase annually per the Statistics Canada consumer price index average for Ontario. Students may not opt out of this fee.

Candidates listed per position alphabetically by last name.

Executive Candidates



Shaima Alam  President 

Heyyo! I’m Shaima (she/her), a biochemistry student that’s seen first-hand what students face by working with various organizations on campus, including Student Wellness, College Government (CBSSC), numerous clubs, and CSA. Our university should be where all students feel safe, supported, and successful - but too often that is not the case. Using my insight from four years of working for students, and leveraging the networks I’ve built over my undergrad, I intend to pursue realistic steps in addressing the issues we face.

As your CSA President, I will work to advocate for accessible and affordable student housing (strengthening legal (SHAC) and listing (Cannon) services), expand the Student Food Bank ensuring students have access to nutritious food, and enhance mental health support (improve counselling and provide staff training). Together, we can create real change and build a better future for all students. If you want to chat, email or DM @ShaimaForCSA.



Adam Ratakowski  President 

Hey Gryphons! My name is Adam Ratkowski and I’m running to be your next CSA student government president. I’m in my fourth year of the Political Science honors program here at UoG and I’m extremely passionate about the University of Guelph. I profoundly admire the unique culture which the school has produced, and I greatly respect the friendly environment that the university has been able to foster. If I’m elected into the President position of the CSA, one of my main goals will be to uphold the positive student culture that has been crafted by the entirety of the school. As a potential CSA President select, my main objectives are to uphold a positive student environment where everyone feels welcomed and accepted, along with bringing further transparency to the processes of your student government. 



Jun Lee  VP Academic

To all my fellow Gryphons, 
I am interested in the Vice-President Academic position because I care about student rights in academics, tenancy, and financial issues. My work experience makes me a strong candidate as over the past year, I have been a coordinator at the Student Help & Advocacy Centre on campus. I have successfully communicated with a lawyer, paralegal, and articling student to resolve 130+ cases for students. While there, I gained knowledge of various provincial and federal legislation, as well as university policies and procedures. Now I would like to contribute to the improvement of our campus and community with this precious opportunity. Given this experience and a sense of purpose, I hope you will select me as the Vice-President Academic. Let me represent your voice.


Samar Tariq  VP External

My name is Samar Tariq. I am a 21 year old undergraduate student, majoring in Political Science. Justice for others is where I find my life's greatest passion. Advocacy, leadership and inspiration lead my work in every aspect- ranging from my academics, volunteer work and all extracurriculars I get involved in. My reason for seeking this election has to do with the experiences I have had growing up in different countries, and the search for a community that stood up for me. Being an ally in helping others prosper is a form of giving back the support that got me here in the first place.

Representing Gen Z’s voice and rights in the municipal elections of Milton 2022 was a way for me advocate on behalf of the youth, thus collaborating with organizations such as Wellington Water Watchers and the Coalition for Social Justice, defending the rights of all undergraduate students, and supervising governmental policies and laws impacting all undergraduate students, I believe is a role I can execute effectively with high ambition. Which is why I am seeking this election.


Board of Director Candidates

Jonah Greenhut   Director College of Arts

I am a first-year BAS student with intended minors as CJJP and Math/Stats. I have loved my first year at Guelph and each day I learn more and more about our community. I have heard the good the bad and the ugly from my bachelor of art friends and I don't want to sit ideally by with that information but instead actualize to make Guelph better for all of us. In past I have been getting involved in my communities since I was young, from running an eco club in middle school to running the spirit program at my high school, I love being able to strengthen the community I am in and now I want to do that for Guelph. I believe that real change is needed in the CSA and I hope you elected me to make it!



Daniel Spinner   Director College of Biological Sciences

Hello, my name is Daniel Spinner, I am a first-year student majoring in Wildlife Biology & Conservation at the University of Guelph. I decided to run for CSA this winter to represent my fellow students in the College of Biological Science. As a member of the CSA board of directors, I promise to act in the best interest of all students in CBS. I will be there all year to be your voice in the CSA.





Mason Friebe   Director College of Social and Applied Human Sciences

Hey Gryphons! My name is Mason Friebe, and I'm running for the CSA’s CSAHS Board Director position! Having been your CSA VP Academic this year, CSAHS Student Alliance VP Activities, and CJPP’s First-year representative, I've gained valuable knowledge of both university processes and experience in representing your interests in my 4 years at the university. If elected, I will continue to fight for you and the change you deserve. I believe transparency, accountability, and active communication are vital to the success of an organization like the CSA. I will dedicate time to the development of effective communication amongst the CSAHS community to ensure you have a voice in the decision-making. Together, we can identify the change we need for us to succeed. I hope to earn your support, thanks for your consideration!  Instagram: csa_csahs



Jacob Levy   Director College of Engineering and Physical Science

My name is Jake Levy, and I am a third-year student majoring in computer science and minoring in math. I am seeking re-election onto the CSA Board of Directors to continue to do my part in ensuring equality for all students at the University of Guelph. During my past year on the board, I have ensured co-op students always have a vote, whether or not they are on campus. Over the next year, I will use my past experience to continue to do what is best for all CEPS students. I want to be your voice on campus!




Daniel Neiterman   Director Lang School of Business

To whom it may concern, My name is Daniel Neiterman, and I am a third-year student at the UofG. I am in the Bachelor of Commerce Program, majoring in accounting (co-op), and minoring in marketing. I am running this year for re-election to the CSA’s Board of Directors to represent the Lang School of Business. I have always been very involved in the community through various organizations, including the Canadian Cancer Society, the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Program, and local sports such as competitive hockey. Even today as a university student, I continue my contributions to the community both inside and outside of the classroom.



Mauricio Canedo Fernandez   Director Lang School of Business

Hi, my name is Mauricio and I'm running for re-election as Director for the Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics in the CSA Board of Directors. As a third year Bcomm co-op student and Venezuelan refugee, I understand the importance of having strong checks and balances in place to ensure transparency and accountability in political and social institutions. I'm passionate about continuing my work to make sure that our student union represents and considers the well-being of every student at the University of Guelph.

These past few years have been tough for all of us, but I believe that by working together we can make things better. If re-elected, I'll continue to work tirelessly to uphold the values of accountability, non-partisanship, and respect for every individual on campus. Let's work together to make our university a place where every student can thrive regardless of their background.


Noam Einy   Director Ontario Veterinary College

My name is Noam Einy and I am a phase 1 student veterinarian at the OVC. I have always loved to be involved in committees and planning for events because I feel that it is so important for everyone's voice to be heard on important issues and decisions! This is a big influence on why I want to take on this position, as if I am successfully elected, I would be able to communicate important issues to my classmates and directly communicate how they feel and what they want to do back to the CSA! 









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